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for Saying I'm Sorry

8/25/2005 c6 Cristal-moon
very cool, would you ever update?
7/20/2004 c7 1ninja fysh
Yeah! ur getting a giagantic flame. How dare u disappoint all ur readers/reviewers and me by taking a long-long-long term absence! it's bn 2 years, 4 months, and 22 days since u updated or posted a new chapter.
9/16/2003 c1 Cristal-moon
I just read you fic and it's great. I know you've read mine and i know you like it. Thank you, keep reading it i will update soon, also update yours, i'm intrige
8/17/2003 c7 7sweet-usako
aw...kawaii! lolz. i lub u fic! ah...can't wait 4 da next one! da begining waz kinda sad. but it waz so kool when he woke up! hehez...plz get da next chap out asap! well, datz all 4 now, keep up da great work! *muah*

-sweet usako
2/3/2003 c7 2Small-lady19
SO? when's the next chapter coming out? This is a really good story so far. I can't wait to read the rest of it, so please update soon! :D
11/7/2002 c7 12Alyson Grant
awww I love it. It's so sweet. You should update! I hope you'll have the time to do so more often in the future.

-A.G- @)-
10/18/2002 c7 8Tropical-sandstorm
keep going... keep going... i'll add you to my favorites list.
10/16/2002 c1 5crystal rose2
It's an ok start but you don't have to put quotation marks for every sentence said by the same person.

Ex: “No Andrew, don’t worry about it. I will be fine” “I need to go now.”

Perhaps you need to consult with an editor to help you out with the grammar.
8/13/2002 c6 ClaimingUntouchable
hey love the story i cant believe you finish that way i want to know more plz write more A.S,A.P
5/25/2002 c6 Eo
u so have to up date it is very good and i would love to read more. I'll be checking for up dates. Eo
5/25/2002 c6 2Piffles
This is so good! Write more please!
5/15/2002 c6 2Gohanteen18
I LOVED IT SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TOTALLY MUCH. u hafta keep writin more cos I'll probably die if I don't get more. Can u e-mail me when your next chapter is out. Well g2g. ByE!

5/11/2002 c6 3Kuroi Koneko
Cute story! It's a pity that Darien has to go through a second memory loss period but I can't wait to see what he plans to win Serena's heart! More soon please!

5/10/2002 c6 2Nardaviel
Great new chapter! Update soon!
5/9/2002 c6 7Divamercury
Very nice! Great job! Please continue soon!

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