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for Dark Vengeance

3/2/2014 c2 2metsfan101
the suspense in this chapter was very good. you made the tone perfect and it worked
3/2/2014 c1 metsfan101
ok this is a very good first chapter. The plot is very catchy and for the most part the grammar is on the spot!
9/7/2013 c5 Tsu no mumei
no, you don't get to stop writing this, I decline and refuse
10/4/2012 c4 you should know
A bit of a fixer upper here and there. Grammar and detail, the usual. Hmm.. 'indisposed'... *taps a claw against the mouse* more like painfully limited.
3/2/2012 c4 1Ichigo's FAV Twin
Yay! I finally get to review this with no distractions...after first rereading of course. Hmmmm interesting. I am anxious to see where you will take this. And knowing you its going to be amazing. Oh and if you need help with anything I happily volunteer to provide it for you! This is an interesting story and it looks like your writing style has improved greatly. Cant wait for next chapter so dont get too distracted xD
11/26/2011 c4 JadeDawn
Very interesting so far. I'd love to see what happens next. I'm especially curious to see what Fugu's real form is.

Until the next chapter!
10/24/2011 c4 Tsu no mumei
well I rather like your story and want to see more of it

and am defenetly wondering what you will do in the other story

and finally whoever is helping you will get off thier ass or i will make them * grabs a blade *
9/6/2011 c2 17syndrrin
This is pretty intresting... a little off the beaten track but intresting. Im curious as to how many other ocs you have and what you have in store for them. Theres a few things to fix but other than that its good.

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