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7/15 c6 jaynaskywalker76
... two things. 1. Love the story. And 2. OMFG? You're trinity gamer?! I subbed to your channel awhile ago and didn't know you were the ff writer i love to check on for the latest writing! Kami bless you brother! Tears of the kingdom playlist is what I'm watching the most alongside Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and 3 (beat definitive edition a bunch of times already blind) so any tips you have I'll gratefully follow..
5/31/2022 c3 st497610
2/25/2022 c6 Guest
I liked the rest of this though :D was pretty cool still kinda looking sideways at your Iruka for being that big of a fuckwit. I learned how to throw both shuriken and axes in like 2 minutes? And the only thing I struggled on was the release timing. Which mizuki sabotaged 1 of 2 things. The form which is the easiest to notice or the timing. But timing even being slightly off can cause huge misses at longer ranges so it's much harder to sabotage without making it look obvious, but the form is the easiest part to learn which means at this point Iruka is being willfully blind or is as intelligent as a dead stump xD

Canon Narutos problem was he was just ignored until Iruka arrived because they knew the Hokage wouldnt let Naruto be failed out unless he failed to graduate 3 times. So if anything they fudged his grades up like a bell curve just enough to pass him without him actually learning anything. That's the kind of sabotage I believe Naruto actually suffered. Made him look like he should know it then Iruka realized he didnt and honestly didnt have enough time to fix it while caring for an entire class.
2/25/2022 c4 Guest
My only problem with the sabotage here is Iruka should notice she's not actually doing anything right... yet mizuki admitted to actually helping her. Iruka is a fucking ninja if another teacher is telling you they have personally been giving hours of 1 on 1 tutoring and the basic forms arent even right then that should be a massive red flag. Your Iruka literally has the iq of a fucking tree stump at this point.
2/19/2022 c1 2Pinkypi
Kongo Fusa. Though I honestly dont know if we knew of the chains due to a flash back or something before we knew the name of them as adamantine sealing chains , vajra sealing chains, kongo fusa. *shrugs*
1/22/2022 c6 1yuzukikuran476
Please am begging you update.
1/22/2022 c5 yuzukikuran476
Good job naruto-chan and please update update.
1/22/2022 c4 yuzukikuran476
Don't listen to them naruto-chan and don't trust mizuki.
1/22/2022 c3 yuzukikuran476
Don't give up naruto-chan and I vote for sasuke and naruto-chan or itachi and naruto-chan.
1/22/2022 c2 yuzukikuran476
Well done with this chapter and please let little naruto-chan be safe.
10/5/2021 c6 3Yuzuki476
Please update this interesting story soon and good job naruto-chan.
10/5/2021 c5 Yuzuki476
Naruto-chan kick his ass.
10/5/2021 c4 Yuzuki476
Please update this interesting story soon and I vote for sasuke and naruto or itachi and naruto.
9/1/2021 c2 Advikafanfic
I vote Uchiha Itachi! Itanaru for life. But this is probably a bit too late
2/22/2021 c6 Prettycatlove123
I would like to vote for Sasuke. Thank you.
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