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9/11/2010 c8 28Foxcat93
Very nice chapter, pulling together all the threads of the story. The crew members and Amanda gathered in the hotel room have just witnessed Charlie Evans's death. They are very upset and Amanda blames herself. She apologises to Riker.

Suddenly Charlie awakens. He explains how he faked his death to make the Q leave him alone. Charlie says he feels strange and a Thasian appears to say that they have taken away Charlie's Thasian powers too for they feel that since he was willing to sacrifice himself for others, he would best be able to return to his own people.

Concerned about Janice, he asks after her. He is told that she will find out the truth.

Awakening on the Enterprise from the Vulcan nerve pinch, Janice can't believe Charlie is dead and is grief-stricken. Later two figures appear to her - Amanda and Charlie. They explain what happened. Amanda tells Janice that Charlie is now fully human.

Charlie leaves the Enterprise with the request that every woman on the Enterprise be given a long stemmed pink rose to remember him by.

An excellent story...great dialogue...all the threads of mystery tied up in the end...Excellent job...enjoyed reading this story a lot!
9/11/2010 c7 Foxcat93
Another very interesting chapter. Charlie Evans is informed that Amanda has come to take away his Q powers. They consult with Dr. Crusher, who is brought suddenly to the hotel room. She says there is nothing to worry about if the Q powers are taken away; Charlie can survive that with no problem. (I enjoyed the part where Charlie said he didn't have to use a key because of his Thasian powers and Rand mentions he might make a good living as a locksmith!)

Seven discusses his "fatherly" relationship with Charlie since he disappeared from the Enterprise bridge. Charlie needs to escape the Q and save his own life and that of his companions, esp. Janice. He decides to fake his own death using his Thasian powers. Everyone is disquieted, expecially Janice, who starts to cry. The Q appears and is unmoved by the scene, saying he is relieved that everything is over now.

Amanda sends Rand back to the Enterprise where she appears wielding a Klingon knife. Spock takes her out with a nerve pinch.

So, what will heppen to Charlie? WIll he get away? Will he be reunited with Janice? Stay tuned for next time...

Good job!
9/10/2010 c6 Foxcat93
Very nice chapter! Amanda, Vickers, Rand, Sito, Riker and Tate materialize in a small town. Amanda makes sure they have period clothing, which because they all look like hippies, they get a little more attention than what they wanted. (The descriptions of the costumes are very accurate and funny at the same time!)

After Amanda explains to Rand that she was really the one impersonating Charlie and appearing to her most of the time, they find Charlie Evans in a diner not far away. There is a funny moment when he denies being Robert Walker, Jr.! He explains he picked this time and place because he wanted the most remote place possible.

Very good dialogue and an interesting chapter. What will happen now? I will check out the next chapter tomorrow morning.
9/9/2010 c5 Foxcat93
Janice Rand #2 (Amanda) has assured Rand #1 that the Captain will not miss her at all while she is gone with the Q. Noel says she will not tell anyone. Rand #1 and the Q leave Dr. Noel's office in a flash of light.

Later on the bridge, McCoy, who is extremely observant, notices that Rand doesn't seem quite herself, but he can't pin it down. Spock notices something not quite right too.

Meanwhile, in the 24th Century, Rand meets a Bajoran and a Klingon in a starfleet uniform. The last turned out to be Lt. Worf. She is warned to keep his existance secret, for if the 23rd century people found out that the Klingons are now allies, history could be changed. The Bajoran woman is named Sito and she is a friend of Charlie Evans. Rand is introduced to the rest of the Enterprise crew.

In the 23rd century, McCoy is concerned about "Rand" and he voices his concerns to Kirk. McCoy decides to ask Noel about it.
9/8/2010 c4 Foxcat93
Rand thinks she is going nuts, having seen Charlie Evans again, after a year. (I liked the singing soprano permanently joke!) Going to see Dr. Noel, ship's counselor, she explains her quandary. The doctor tries to explain it away with psychological terms.

Suddenly Charlie Evans appears before both the women and just as suddenly begins to morph into a woman named Amanda Rogers, a Q. She is askign the assistance of Rand in locating and protecting Charlie from being killed by the Q. Amanda says she must take Charlie's Q powers away from him. She refuses Noel's offer to help because there are enough people in this century to offer assistance, but she needs Rand to go with her.

Rand, not wanting to go AWOL, refuses, but another exact duplicate of Rand appears and takes her place.

Meanwhile, the landing party is on Thasus. Tola, in a telepathic trance discovers the Thasians have the Q in suspended animation. THey give her a secret phrase to open the door, and who do they find, but Isis the black cat!

The landing party follows the cat. What will be beyond the door?
9/7/2010 c3 Foxcat93
Looking through the information on Charlie Evans, Tola begins to feel sympathy for him. She doesn't believe him to be a murderer. Tola is sure that the Q are lying about how dangerous this man is. She has only negative thoughts about the Q. She comes to the conclusion that Q is lying about Seven also.

Then Vickers comes to her cabin. (I like how you describe him!)Tola thinks shaking hands is odd, but she does it anyway. He had been Chief of Security on the Hermes and had been transferred. They exchange pleasantries and have some tea. Vickers shares Tola's opinion of the Q.

There is a 3 day journey to Thasus. A landing party is chosen by the Captain which includes Riker, Data, Vickers, Tate and Tola.

What will the landing party find on Thasus? I will check out more chapters tomorrow...(by the way, you have been very busy working on three stories at once...kudos!)
9/7/2010 c2 Foxcat93
Wow- interesting chapter. Tola doesn't agree with the Q philosophy of "putting someone out of their misery" because he doesn't want to work for the Q.

Tola meets Captains Sisko and Picard. Because she is becoming a new security officer aboard the Enterprise, she needs to know more about this strange human who the Q want to kill. Picard says that Tola will have to remain on DS9 until some transporter issues are fixed. He tells her there is info on Evans that has been uploaded to her computer on the Enterprise. She meets the Trill Jadzia Dax (always liked that character and what a great name 'Jadzia') and she also meets Quark. Jadzia's conversation with Quark is very funny and definitely in character.

Finally aboard the Enterprise, Tola meets Riker, Troi and Worf. The Captain wants to save Evans from an untimely death at the hands of Q.

The Q appears again. We find that Rand is the person Evans was in love with and there is discussion whether it would be a good idea to keep Rand away from Evans.

Great chapter...a lot of characters that I really like from both series are introduced here.
9/7/2010 c1 Foxcat93
Excellent start to the story! Odo is a very interesting character from the DS9 series and so is Q (Is this the same Q that always appeared to pester Picard? I know you mentioned that he did that, but I wasn't sure if it was one and the same.) I always enjoyed this Q character, he was so awful!

So the Q are looking for Charlie Evans, a dangerously unbalanced human from the last century with both Thasian and Q powers. Odo obviously doesn't like Q and your very intersting Andorian telepath character Lt. Tola has never met him before.

I wonder why the Q need Lt. Tola to help them track down Charlie Evans...

I have to say that with every story, your excellent story telling skills have become even better and better! And I love the dialogue between the characters...very good characterization! On to the next chapter!
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