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9/1/2012 c7 N
I loved the story. It was reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy good.
8/19/2012 c7 18LittleNK
i love this fic, please update soon :)
8/13/2012 c7 2Readergirl66
I really hope you update this soon, I love the pairing.
8/10/2012 c7 1Mrs.Pratt
I can't tell you enough about how much I'm absolutely am enjoying this story. The way you've flushed out Spencer and Buffy in this fanfic, making they journey so real and raw in their emotions. I often feel crossover fiction seems forced and not true to the characters, but you have managed to do this and have done so flawlessly. I can't tell you how I would love to see you update on this great fic real soon. AWESOME JOB:)
8/8/2012 c7 1BrokenDarkFire
You updated! Holy powers that be, you updated! Thank you thank you! There is seriously nothing more awesome than having almost given up hope and then getting what you've been waiting for all along. You've made me a very happy camper.
8/2/2012 c7 loubega
Awesome Chap. Update Soon:p
7/27/2012 c7 Roith and Lorette
Lorette: Welllll... While I usually don't go for het stories, much less Buffy stories, this one grabbed my attention. I'm really glad I took the link to this story, it's well paced and interesting, and the letters feel like two seperate people wrote them, as opposed to a single author. It was interesting how you formatted them, too. Instead of having to read the whole letter and getting bored quickly, I could stay on track and not get distracted!
Keep up the good work!
7/10/2012 c7 213Patricia de Lioncourt
OMG, Buffy and Reid! Poor, poor Reid! I'm glad she got there when she did. And mysterious Dana letter does NOT sound good. Can't wait for more!
7/9/2012 c7 Guest
Great chapter and an awesome story, please update soon. I can't wait to read more. :)
7/7/2012 c7 Guest
I'm extremely excited that you updated this. The mention of a yellow jacket was a perfect Buffy movie mention, whether intended or not. Nice work.
7/5/2012 c7 1serenityselena
uh oh... something is coming... it seems that Buffy is not getting a break...
poor Spencer... hopefully Buffys presence will help him get over this situation...
cant wait to
7/4/2012 c7 Guest
I need more, this story is awesome and I hope you keep writing it. :)
7/3/2012 c7 Pyro-Neko-Isis
This is good! Keep up the good work
7/3/2012 c7 5Ellmarr
okay iam hooked pun intended
7/2/2012 c7 Guest
Glad you're back :)
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