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5/4 c4 1Srta.NR
Woww...que história fantástica! Amei cada capitulo..aquela parte que Roxton aponta a arma pra ela foi tenso, pobre Marguerite.
Bem que ela poderia usar seus talentos para recuperar aquele precioso papel ;)
11/5/2020 c4 Guest
Very good
1/26/2018 c4 Guest
Loved this fic! Well written and true to the characters a.
5/15/2004 c1 9The Fabulous Alicia
Read the Yu Yu Hakusho Fic Caterpiller
8/8/2002 c4 Steffi
Absolutely loved it Gabby ! But you know that already ! :D ;) Can´t wait for the next stories you´ll write ..especially The Quest !
5/11/2002 c3 brainfear
Holy smoke! I wasn't expecting that! Haha. It's cool...:o)
5/11/2002 c3 35Jaclyn
EEP! NO! Marguerite! DON'T DIE ON ME!

Ahem. Anyway. PERU? lol...

update soon!
5/7/2002 c3 19TheLonelyWriterNL
You are evil :-D. What a way to end a chapter. You don't expect you can just go away with this aren't you? You really have to finish chapter 4 soon, I really need to know how this will end. I'm sure you don't let Marguerite be killed, you just can't do that!.

I loved the last part, the fighting in the cave, Challenger having Marguerite's powers. I think I can go on for hours, but I will stop with my rambling. Guess I just have to do something now that the board is down ;-).

Please finish chapter 4 soon ~ Taz
5/6/2002 c3 3Julianna Taylor-Mulder
AHHHHH! NOOOOOOO! *collapses into a ball of weeping sorrow on the ground* MARGUERITE! Oh man oh man... I hope she's okay! *nervously jumps up and down* I'm so sorry I didn't review for part two, but damn, part three... you have to update soon. The suspence is killing me, Gabbo!

5/6/2002 c3 28nefret24
AAAAUGH! No! You can't kill her off! You can't kill the Chosen One! What will Roxton say when he comes out of it!

Yikes... getting way too emotional there. Great chapter. Especially loved Aurora and her interactions with her brother :)

Update soooooon!
4/24/2002 c2 35Jaclyn
Gabbo! Great job! I really like this story...very intriguing! good characterization. please continue soon!
4/24/2002 c2 wdge
You know the only problem with this story is waiting for the next part.
4/22/2002 c2 7Evil Irish Eyes
Omg! I loved this, sorry I didn't review before. I read chapter one like . . .a while ago. I'm so sorry about that, I don't know why that happened. hmmm . ..

Anyway. I really love this, that little part with the Roxton's ring was really a nice touch, I just wish she could get him his ring back hmmm. . .maybe with this new found power . . .moving things with her mind could definatly help. But that will have to be after this whole problem with Orak is settled, by the way good choice on the name.

I am really excited for the next chapter. I hope it doesn't take so very long. But you know best.

So keep up the great work.

Me signing out
4/22/2002 c2 10TLWROX
WOW! I waited long enough for the second chapter! and it was great! Can't wait to see how Marguerite saves all of man kind. This is excellent so far. :) :) :)
4/22/2002 c2 19TheLonelyWriterNL
I already told you how much I liked it and I really can't wait to read chapter 3. I hope it will be up soon ~ Taz
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