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8/19/2022 c16 aberle82
I LOVE your version of Gin.
4/19/2018 c6 7menolikey
My dude... this chapter was smoking
4/19/2018 c5 menolikey
Everything about this series is amazing. It’s real. Thanks
4/9/2018 c13 tish murphy
Loved it
1/23/2018 c1 Maddy0224
For the sake of Gin's And Shuhei's happiness, kindly continue. Loved your writing; I've read three of your fanfics til now, and I must say, this one is my favourite. I'll continue to read more, I hope you continue to write.
3/9/2016 c7 16Pretty Perverts
IchigoI did it I had sex with Grimmjow Jaegerjaques Me..."
3/8/2016 c14 alicia.jen.havens
2/24/2016 c18 1PetiteBulle
Please update :(((((
11/18/2015 c14 1zoxy2
Oh my god I wanna push you in front of a truck. I am crying so hard right now, I had to reread that line several times to check that I read it right, HOW COULD YOI KILL SHIRO! I miss him so much, and he's not even real! But really great job with pulling the heart strings right there. I love how everyone's lives turned out, though I do wish you had elaborated more on Nnoitra, Gin, and Shiro's lives even though it wasn't there story. But I guess it's fine since You wrote a story for Gin and Shuhei themselves, and we sorta know how Shiro's life went *hysterically sobbing at this point*, but what happened with Nnoitra, or even Starrk? BTW, totally love the new generation :)

PS- may Shiro's afterlife be a party. *god damnit, I'm still crying*
8/18/2015 c14 TaigaLover
This. Story. Is. So. Awesome.
I love every part of it so I can't really list out the best bits, sorry

...Can I just marry you, Pet? Uh, I mean TPP? [Heh, I just gave you a nick name which is kinda weird but my brain is too fucked to think rationally right now so I think I'm excused]
8/13/2015 c18 1HidanFangirl
This is so damn goooooood
5/12/2015 c14 aya -.- desu
Aiyaaahhh... :3
I love this...
5/2/2015 c4 Guest
Their punk talk is freaking ridiculous. I would kill myself before associating with someone like that.
5/2/2015 c1 Guest
You can't do shit with 200 yen. lol
1/31/2015 c1 8Tammy Sakamoto
Dear The Petulant Prodigy,

I have been reading your amazing fanfictions for years now and I always come back to re-read each and every one of your IchigoxGrimmjow stories ('Tell Me Tomorrow was actually the first ever GrimmIchi fanfic I read :) ). I just want to express how amazing and moving and powerful your writing and plots are. I love how you make readers feel connected with Ichi and Grimm. And no matter how long it will be until your next chapter, I will forever be a devoted fan! I'm an RN that works with the LGBTQ community now because of your masterpieces likes Tell Me Tomorrow, Perfect Silence, Don't Drop The Soap, Hope Dangles on a String, and Gasoline Sandwiches. Really, it sounds cheesy but your stories really moved me to work with LGBTQ groups while as before I wasn't even that aware of it.

Honestly, you're awesome. I'm just glad I was lucky enough to come across your fanfics!

-Tammy Sakamoto
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