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for The Cullen's Wizard encounter with Hogwarts

7/19/2011 c4 Renesmee C. Cullen da original
1/7/2011 c4 3Harrypotterchickk101
Write more! please?
11/3/2010 c3 11Sweetie7smiled
9/9/2010 c2 5lunamoon2012
You did skkip over the whole debate of going on a travel, and I would enjoy it iif the chapters were a lot longer, but all in all I like the idea.

Keep Writing!

Lots of Love,

Dannie Elle
9/9/2010 c1 1Lucifeeer
Well this is an epic waste of space. Atleast put it in the cross overs section...
9/9/2010 c1 5lunamoon2012
Good start, but u might want to make it either follow the writing styles of either J.K. Rowling, Stephine Meyer.

and Another thing i would like to point/suggest is to have Emmett join in when she mentions it cause he has to be SUPER bored being "stuck" at the cullen house for so long :) its just an Emmett thing to do, and could sway the opion faster...

And when Jake talks about Bella to Renesmee he should say your mom. Or something along those lines...

Please don't get mad at me I'm not hating. I just want to give constuctive critisim.

Write More And Keep Writing,

Dannie Elle

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