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7/29 c10 Hinata-Ares
Entonces ella es como hichigo interno el huevo, kikyo quiere controlarla
7/29 c7 Hinata-Ares
No me digas que ulquiorra es la encarnación de Naraku ?
Esto cada vez se pone más interesante
Y me gusta que al fin pueda y decida pelear kagome, no es ella misma si se convierte en una persona egoísta que no quiere luchar ni meterse en problemas
7/29 c6 Hinata-Ares
Me rompe el alma lo de Sesshomaru dios
Y shippo
Será que esté en ese tiempo vivo ?
7/29 c3 Hinata-Ares
Sabía que por eso quería la cicatriz
Ya quiero que conozca a Ichigo
7/29 c2 Hinata-Ares
Me parte el alma que tenga cicatrices, no es nada agradable, más que nada por la sociedad Oriental, para ellos la apariencia lo es todo ... Son muy críticos por así decirlo
Se ve que se está auto castigando y para que no se olvide que por ella murió su familia
7/29 c1 Hinata-Ares
Me rompió el corazón que todos hayan muerto
Pobre Kagome espero que pueda ser feliz
2/25 c39 Frog
Dear dark shadowed rose,
I hope you're well.
I love reading Everyone's Dead! (that sounds really bad ;p) I honestly enjoy it:)
If you ever continue it, I'd love to read it :)
If not thank you for writing and sharing your Awesome stories,
Sincerely Frog
12/9/2019 c39 lara5170
This is interesting and I would like to read more but it has been over 6 years since it was updated
3/9/2019 c39 Guest
Can't wait to find out what happens and how the whole Aizen/Naraku thing goes
9/29/2018 c39 Mmolett
Thos story is so good, I hope everything is alright with you. And pray that you will come back and finish your story.. I'll love to see how the ending will go..,
8/29/2018 c8 lara5170
I really like this story and have read it before. It is strange that she believes she can train a group when she is still learning herself.
7/27/2018 c39 1old gods
I just don’t get the female bashing, jealousy trope anymore, like it’s so overplayed and very anti-womanist or whatever. Like I have to read Kagome being smart and snarky (when she is not by a long-shot the sharpest tool in the box) along with some love triangle over a man? Zoinks. It’s whatever though.
6/21/2018 c25 Guest
Well... to be honest Kagome IS kind of a bitch in this story. I mean, she keeps smirking whenever she sees how jealous Orihime and Rukia are and she's kind of mean to Matsumoto. She's not exactly blameless here and while the others need to control themselves she needs to learn not to encourage them.
5/19/2018 c39 5Kite06
This has been such an amazing, fun, crazy good story! Loving how you have incorporated everything together to flow with the series. I know it’s a long shot but I hope you find time to write more for it.
4/27/2018 c39 29The Katanna Twins
I love this story so much! I has completly caught ny attention. It's rare for anything to hold my attention for more than twenty chapters, but this one sure has. I really hope you continues with it. You're co close to the confrontation with Aizen/Naraku. It's one of the best ones I've found for Bleach/Inyasha crossovers! Hope to be seeing more of this one!

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