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for Children of The War, Book 3: Fire

9/16/2020 c13 christiandm212
I read this for ty lokka not tyzula, no offense but I fricking hate tyzula and that part that you put in hurt me deep inside
11/8/2019 c22 5Dessel Ordo
Well that was a hell of a ride. Can't wait to see how things shake down in the next story of your series!
11/21/2015 c4 1Garibaldi the Black
so Sokka is now Colonel Wang Fire, HERO OF THE FIRE NATION!, who's legendary exploits are really a cover for his cowardice.
9/21/2015 c19 NarwhalWarlord
I don't normally drop reviews for long-finished fanfics (regardless if how good) but I just couldn't resist.

"Don't believe in you - believe in the me that believes in you!"

When did Monk Gyatso become Kamina? I swear that if Aang doesn't pierce the heavens by the end of this fic, I'll be sad.

Super great fic, BTW. R8 it gr8 8/8.
9/19/2015 c4 27Freefan1412
Sokka Kai. xd That is such a Sokka thing to do. I could just see him before my mind's eye. Hilarious! And he even pulled off an Agni Kai without fire. A fire duel!
9/19/2015 c1 Freefan1412
Aang's line of 'I need my honour back' seriously creeped me out. I was picturing an Aang tied into as many knots as Zuko - kind of something where it might be wise to give up on the world right then and there...Hopefully it was a one time thing.
Awesome work this series. :)
(And an important question: how do they suddenly know what day the eclipse is?)
8/12/2014 c22 12Lee Totema
Ok so I have become a major flower so I'm going to go and review your next story
8/12/2014 c21 Lee Totema
Ursa was the empress wasn't she? And are we going to finally find out about Azula or are you going to be li ke the creators and just jump atoms the issue?
8/12/2014 c20 Lee Totema
From all the hints you were dropping in the previous chapters I can give a good guess as to what happened to her and it's not very pretty so Aang doesn't reach avatar state huh?
8/11/2014 c19 Lee Totema
Woah man Woah you telling Sokka cam be a bender if he wished it? You're breaking the rules now lol
8/11/2014 c18 Lee Totema
I see you took the creator s idea of having momo being monk gyatso :3 when they said that I really wanted that to happen and now that had come true but poor Azula no wonder she's like the way she is Damn
8/11/2014 c22 3PoptartProdigy
Well, I've got to say, this was one interesting read. Well-written, with compelling characters and an exactingly coherent plot. I greatly enjoyed it.

There are a few quibbles that I have. The biggest is that I don't quite see how some of the metaphorical nails you've proposed would lead to the changes set down here. How, for instance, does Jeong Jeong not defecting lead to Long Feng assassinating Kuei, rather than deposing him? It doesn't quite seem to follow. Zhao also seems to be different; is this because Jeong Jeong, his master, is? If so, it wasn't stated adequately. I would be more tempted to classify this as a true Alternate Universe, rather than a For Want of a Nail story. Too many things change too frequently that don't seem to follow from your premises.

That said, this is in no way a complaint on the story's quality. As a full-fledged AU, it stands magnificently. It's a deeply intriguing look at what might have been, had things gone just slightly differently at nearly every juncture. While I don't agree with every conclusion you drew, I can see how you arrived at them, and the logic is both valid and sound. Beyond that, it's just fun to read, and it's especially great to read a story that gives Sokka his proper due as a massive, unkillable, badass.

Props to you sir, and bravo! Thanks for the incredible read; I can't wait to get to the follow up. In about 5...4...3...2...
8/11/2014 c17 12Lee Totema
That chanting was from the lion turtle right? And wow such an emotional chapter and yay! Zuko andtophmoment I'm so happy about that you have no idea
8/11/2014 c16 Lee Totema
I get the feeling you know your tropes so only the daughters in the whole world now huh? And yay Zuko and toph moment!
8/11/2014 c15 Lee Totema
War is never pretty even worse when you find things out like that like how the Japanese basically had rape slaves during world war two apparently no one remembers that but I'm being dark here very good chapter
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