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for A Little Jealousy Never Hurt

11/8/2020 c15 1Ciela Fullbuster16
I wanna maim his classmates.. especially that bitch.. grrrrrr
1/9/2020 c1 5The Ancient Phoenix
It sounds like a good idea I just don’t like your writing style. No offense, I rly like the premise
10/23/2018 c31 4shioriakasuna
I love this fic! I know its been years since then, but if you’re up for it, i would live to read a sequal, no one writes their personalities better than you do~
8/30/2018 c31 menna20
I know my review is a little bit too late
I have just discovered your fic a while ago and i've read it for the fourth time now
Your fic is the most in character 1827 fic i've read until now
i really really hope you would post your sequel soon i want to read it so freaking much
and yes pls let Mukuro be with Byakuran i love them together !
6/15/2018 c31 katsekala
It was a good story and I and I had fun reading it! Many kisses!
6/15/2018 c1 1kgal
I was cleaning out my old art stuff, and it turns out I drew fan art for this fic. Ah, it's been so long since I've been in this fandom! Anyway! This fic meant a lot to me back in the day. Thanks for sharing!
5/7/2018 c31 KrixLight
if you are still writing. I would love a sequel. this is one of the greatest khr 1827 I've read. thank you for finishing it and sharing it.
4/16/2018 c1 tasyadewi16
sequel please
12/15/2017 c2 Shounemika Aita
This is to much. I can't stop laughing
12/15/2017 c1 Shounemika Aita
Hey~ i am absolutely in love with this story. So please please please let me translate it to Vietnamese. Pretty please with tsuna on top :3
10/31/2017 c8 Guest
Sequel Plz
10/21/2017 c3 Crazy Little Yaoi Trash
... wait what did Hibari just said? Strip? what? oh god... now i really wanna finish this story...
10/21/2017 c2 Crazy Little Yaoi Trash
That's so cruel Hibari... poor Tsuna... i could imagine him trembling while saying all that...
9/28/2017 c31 11Im Just Trash
I just read this again and it's still pretty good. Definitely not my favorite, but good. Also I really don't think this needs an M rating. There was nothing explicit, except language. M ratings are for explicit sexual content and very violent gory things. But it was good.
7/20/2017 c3 7Iron Dragon Maiden
Oh Hibari, obviously Gokudera and Yamamoto are married. The gods know Yamamoto is terrified of what his wife will do when he finds out he let their baby be taken away LOL
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