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for Consultant is a Noun not a Verb

1/1/2011 c5 1Bioluminescent
This was amazing. I loved it! :D
12/20/2010 c5 18Idreamofivan
great story!
12/14/2010 c5 witchy78
I loved this fic, especially the part where Neal passed out in the Burke's house from starvation. I've been searching for a fic like this for a while, and yours is the first one I found. Thanks ;o)
12/1/2010 c5 25KP02
Ok, Peter is such a guy! He didn't go for the obvious solutions... The whole thing could have been avoided if he would have...Grrr..Bad Peter! Ok, I'm done now! That was really good! I had to read it between classes and it was very distracting.
9/23/2010 c5 8VoicesInTheWind
This fic has inspired me. Do you mind if I steal the house arrest idea? My version would be very different from this, and not set after Point Blank - I still can't get over Mozzie being shot, and I'm determined not to touch all of the fallout from that, even with a ten-foot pole.

I've read two of your three stories now, and I really like your work. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!
9/21/2010 c5 2just4paws17
finally got caught up and now I need a kleenex! Loved it!
9/20/2010 c5 JackSam
Love it. Add more soon.
9/20/2010 c5 12kenziecaffrey
It was OOC, but I could see Neal reacting to it this way. Great story.
9/20/2010 c5 Gloworm41
Very nice ending to this story - great job.
9/20/2010 c5 1RocklynnJasmine
Amazing and awesome story! I love this story! Have a great and wonderful day!
9/20/2010 c5 31nebbyJen
Very nice story.
9/20/2010 c5 26Stroma
Very good.
9/18/2010 c4 15yellowrose900
This is a very good story, very intense and heart wrenching. I really hope Neal realizes that he has a lot to live for and that his life is important. Can't wait for an update.
9/17/2010 c4 8pfyre1
Interesting the amount of anti-Neal fan reactions among the audience both for the show and for the reviewers of this story.

Frankly, I'm not anti-Neal and no, I don't think he's an innocent who needs to be molly-coddled and pampered. However, I don't find Peter's behaviour in the show or in this fic to be reasonable either.

I know it's your fic and your story and your right to do how you see fit. However, it only reinforces me reaction of not liking Peter very much right now.

Peter who is always telling Neal he needs to trust Peter and tell him everything and share everything. Peter who goes on about how he wants justice and to have Neal be on the right side of the law.

Peter who has himself now broken and/or bent laws and rules for Neal, for their cases, etc. Peter who has not been honest with Neal. Peter who has not shared everything. Peter who does not trust Neal. Peter who makes arbitrary decisions for Neal as if he were a child or a mentally deficient adult.

I know you explained why Peter laid the ground rules for Neal's house arrest. However it does not absolve him from his own wrong decisions, actions and demands.

*sigh* Sorry, this story just hits my 'buttons' I guess. It drew me in but all I could come away with was frustrations about Neal and his predicament and Peter and him being a bastard to Neal.

I'll definitely be checking back for updates even if I suspect I'll end up just as angered and frustrated as Neal will no doubt end up apologizing to Peter for his wrong behaviour, for putting Peter's career on the line, etc.
9/17/2010 c4 Gloworm41
oh poor Neal, Hopefully the visit to Mozzie and a better understanding of what is happening to Neal will help them to get Neal back on track and eating, more importantly they need to find a way to bring joy back into his life. Please update soon.
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