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for Consultant is a Noun not a Verb

9/16/2010 c4 1RocklynnJasmine
Amazing and awesome chapters! I Can't wait to read more of your amazing and awesome story! Have a great and wonderful day!
9/16/2010 c4 9ImAGiver
Aww, at least this is partially looking up. I was getting a bit worried there when Peter and Neal were consistently butting heads. It makes me so sad! I do like the way this story has been progressing, very emotional but very realistic. If only they wold actually delve more into the Neal's feelings on Mozzie and Kate on the show. There really aren't enough *good* Peter/Neal hurt/comfort scenes on White Collar, but, it makes stories like this all the better to read about! Keep up the awesome work. I'm excited to see what comes next!

Have nice days,


9/16/2010 c4 JackSam
Love it. Add more soon.
9/16/2010 c4 ghostdolly
Hmmmmm... interesting chapter. Although... after reading chapter 3 I felt that if I was Neal I would have sent Peter to hell and just swallow a whole bottle of something dangerous ;P Meh. Sorry. Feeling sort of rebelious today. No idea why. Thanks for sharing your story with us, govgal!
9/16/2010 c4 33Ultracape
Can we spell D E P R E S S I O N ?

Wow. What is it with all the food tasting like cardboard?
9/16/2010 c1 10ReturnofTheTacoKing
I'm caught between the feeling of wanting to say 'Aww' poor Neal and laugh. I loved it. Keep up the good work.
9/16/2010 c4 97peppe1951
I hate seeing Neal like this...I hope that peter and El can change his outlook on life...Maybe Mozzie will wake up while Neal is there visiting...
9/14/2010 c3 26Stroma
Very good.
9/13/2010 c3 2just4paws17
this is awesome! just getting caught up! can't wait for more! Poor Neal and Poor Peter, this was such a hard time for both of them! Thanks for not killing Moz!
9/13/2010 c3 Gloworm41
Wow! I hope that Neal and Peter are going to be able to get through this and get their relationship back on track. That was just heartwrenching. Awesome job - please update soon.
9/13/2010 c3 3Ageless Shadow
Okay, I can say that this is a very good story so far! The first chapter gave me a bit of a headache, though... ^-^' I love the reactions between the characters, but I think Peter went waaaaay to far. I know he felt betrayed and everything, but Neal's suffering enough as it is! Anyway, great story and hope to see more soon!
9/13/2010 c3 JackSam
Love it. Add more soon.
9/13/2010 c3 12breezyyy
great chapter, i love to see the interactions between them
9/13/2010 c3 97peppe1951
I do like this story...and the relationship between Neal, Peter and El...
9/13/2010 c3 33Ultracape
WOW, thank you very much.

Love the chapter and what you're doing but I have one nitpick. Neal does think he's smarter, etc. but I don't think that Neal looks upon anyone as inferior because they don't have his level of intellegence. In the show, to me, he just doesn't come across as that type of a person. When he purchased a newspaper in "Copycat Caffrey," he reffered to the vendor as "sir." I dont' recall seeing him treat anyone in a less than respectful manner, except for the art curator in "The Portrait" and that was because the art curator was, himself, a thief.

Anyway, other than that, good job and looking forward to the rest.
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