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6/5 c53 4HistoryFans-GOD
Cuando el siguiente capĂ­tulo Bro ?
6/4 c9 Alice Scarlett Knabel
inavertently teaching her haki are we?
5/20 c20 GumGumReaper
Fucking love the idea of curving bullets
5/6 c53 Mesojoe
Knowing now what we do about devil fruit awakenings and looking at how you wrote Miss Valentine, I'm not surprised that you stalled out for these past 6ish years on this fic. I will say it has been fun and interesting, even if no longer entirely accurate (though in hindsight it now makes sense just why Valentine in the anime/manga fought as she did, she could only change her personal weight. Though now I wonder if her power being so minimal compared to other powers could potentially result in a less straining devil fruit awakening)
4/28 c53 kronos105
te imaginas a yosaku enfrentándose a big mom en wano y jhony a katakury.

Can you imagine Yosaku facing Big Mom in Wano and Jhony in Katakury.
4/18 c28 1101axel
God sage of anarchy is so fucking cool!

I have read 1000s of fanfics, out of all of them, that name is the best!
4/9 c53 TheGoodDoctor13
Peak fiction, needs continuation
3/22 c49 Guest
Aside from Narutos strength in this story this is all done amazingly well. I especially love the dialog, internal and between people.

So tired of stories where aside from the MC the others only exist to give slight replies or stupid lines before being made to eat shit. Otherwise action, action, action, because anything else is filler and a waste of time mentality.
3/22 c47 Guest
What would be great would be if he could recreate that massive twister from when he fought Sasuke at 16/17.
3/22 c46 Guest
I think he forgets the fact they're on a ship and he's putting it at risk of damage against a crew with the name Fire Tank.

Don't think he recalls the wooden ship is somewhat fore resistant either when he decided this.
3/21 c44 Guest
Awesome speech and big props. Too bad she didn't hear that.
3/21 c43 Guest
I don't get it. It sounded like he was grabbing Kurama to be ready just in case since he was aware Luffys brother was captured. There was 3 days. Yet here he is and its already happened. Canon continuing as normal and killing them off.

Him in no hurry to make it in time.
3/21 c40 Guest
Get the feeling no ones going to tell Naruto that Luffys brother is captured.
3/21 c39 Guest
Hopefully he will keep more than a single friggen clone prepped for sage mode. Even against Pain he kept 3 in reserve and there's no reason not to keep more. Let alone the 1 he's been doing.

Heck he could've immediately prepped one before the auction house so he could restore his reserves during the time in between as it waited. Or more than 1.

Pain was able to crater the many miles Konoha was from wall to wall with his repel if he wished. Naruto is supposed to be much stronger. I hope he stops being underwhelming for his 120 yr old self.
3/20 c24 Guest
Not even his strongest jutsu? Okay, yeah he's been nerfed in this story if he's saying that. I call bull even if he doesn't have Kurama anymore. Especially if he's been around as long as he has unless he's weakened. Since he keeps saying he's at his peak that shouldn't be the case.
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