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11/28 c31 1Liamo000
Is salvage piracy?
11/9 c8 Guest
This is so cool you are that dude thanks so much for this it was awesome
11/4 c2 CynicWolff

Um, I thought it was fairly obvious given the context that naruto was talking about how Luffy was the strongest person he's encountered since he began *this* little excursion into east blue. He's obviously not saying Luffy is the strongest person he's ever met in his life. that's just silly. And blatantly proven false in the next few chapters anyway, iirc.
11/1 c1 Yeasir
Chill out bluenait get you’re dick outta the toaster
10/30 c1 Bluenait
OK NAruto here is a bitch a simp a and a fucking weak pussy sooo ergo fuck this trash fic
9/15 c3 5Pyromania101
Sorry if that last one came off as pleading. I do hope other fans of this story will contribute to the Character page, but it's not required.
9/15 c2 Pyromania101
This story now has a Character sub-page on TV Tropes. Please help with it.
9/12 c53 18Narutolnuzuka
please please please please pleaseeeeeeee. come back to this story. it's been so very good up to this point probably one of my favorite fics that I've read to date. I need more lmao so please even tho it's been a very long time since u wrote this chapter come back to it. I'm begging ya here
9/6 c53 all forms of fluff
Alright, let's get into this, in no particular order. Moterhead, the guy with the mech suit. How funny would it be if Nojiko, after winning her fight, takes the suite back for Muret to wear? Nothing huge like the hulk buster armor the guy is wearing but just a suite like a Red Cross Ironman of medical goodness.

I liked how you've handled Nojiko's earth elemental channeling with her guns. Blunt force with wind, burning with fire, piercing with lighting, and vibrations with earth. If you're taking suggestions on how to incorporate water element, then how about condensing a small stream of water at the muzzle and using it to cut things with water pressure? Her rifle could be spear, the shotgun an ax and the pistoles daggers or swords. It would be a hell of a surprise to devil fruit users.

I'm excited about Johnny's development. I like the whole burning slashes that he can perform. I mean it's kind of an obvious move, but the logic makes sense. Speed friction heat. I was kind of expecting him to use his scabbard to fight, maybe in a dual wielding way. I kept picturing him hurling the thing off his sword and then chasing after it so that when it hits someone he can sheath it to creating a double tap effect.

Yosaku's development is more mental, and I really like the scene where he got his physical from Muret and she learned that he didn't have his heart anymore. There isn't a lot you can really do with a big ass sword style that you're developing for him. After the fight with the light admiral I was kind of expecting him to start wearing armor. It could be his whole thing to incorporate armored counter measures for facing those people that have injured him. Something reflective to counter the light guy. Something thick to keep Kid from cutting his arms off again. You've already stated that the guy can't use his strength unless he is being forced so it could be like Rock Lee's weights he takes off the stuff the stronger the opponent he faces is.

Miss Valintine's use of armament haki is really cool. I've got to ask though if she can create a presure wave like she did to end the worm fight then couldn't she use that to fly without her umbrella? More to the point would that pressure wave be considered her "touching" something? Like if she lowered the weight of something huge, hurled it at a target with that presure wave to give it more speed, could she then convert the weight into the other direction from a distance? Or how about this, rapidly converting sections of a wall? Would that make the wall vibrate? Better question if she did this to the roof with her presure wave of haki could she bring down sections of it? Lots of questions... sorry about that.

Byron is sort of a blank slate but how cool would it be if the guy was like a reincarnated Jaraiya? Then again you have kind of recreated Naruto's old friends in his current crew. Sasuke as Soren in the revenge kick where he has to "kill a certain man". The pink haired medic with an elephant to do the heavy hitting instead of doing it directly. The profoundly powerful blonde woman. Johny gives me Shikamaru vibes in that he doesn't have a goal in life beyond living it well. Even though I want Yosuka to go the Rock Lee rout the guy so a Choji without the food fetish thats required to do his family jutus. Haven't quite pinned down Vivi, I meant she's got the blue haired princess Hinata thing going. Thats just some stuff I've had in the back of my head while I was reading. Not sure if its what's really happening or just me trying to force the issue.

As for the story itself I like how you've tied Naruto into the story of One Piece. You have this art in cross overs that I always enjoy reading. They always blend so seamlessly that when things go completely off the rails from cannon the reader just nods along with an "obviously that would happen if Naruto was really there." There were some major Naruto stealing the show vibes in the early story. But after the guy got his crew and separated from Luffy then you've done a good job of making sure something interfered with him before he could derail the Strawhat's crew's development. In particular I liked that Kuma came up and bodied him on Thriller bark. By the time the Buster call ends you've established that Naruto, fresh out of the elemental nations, is base line as strong as an admiral. It's going to be interesting how he is going to incorporate the power system of One Piece into his skill set. Chakra isn't the same as Haki but I'm kind of interested in how someone explains why he can hit logia devil fruits when in sage mode. If I had to take a guess, I would say that by taking in nature chakra he is either putting himself in the correct frame of mind to use haki, or Nature has enough minute bits of haki in it that when its gathered and compressed into Naruto's body that it becomes thick enough work like a passive armament haki.

I'm not sure how I feel about the time skip. In One Piece it was used to give the crew a break to recover and train seperately. In yours we just lose two years of development. I get that you want to keep the pace with One Piece story beats, but you could have done smaller skips and gave us snippets of the crew's developments without out right saying how they were doing it. That way you could have laced scenes with Byron into it so that when Valintine shows him the newspaper about his old crew it doesn't seem so out of left field. I'm not saying you should rewrite anything, but if you were to write a Byron centric chapter then the smash cut to two years later without the focus on the newest crewmember wouldn't have felt so jarring. And that's not even mentioning that you got Kurama just joining the crew before this. I get that he is part of Naruto's story but the guy hasn't been around until now.

Minor gripe aside I like how you're tying the devil fruit back to the Shinnjuu tree. One has to ask though how long ago did the sage of the six paths show up compared to the first time the tree appeared? My lore is kind of off but did the guy destroy the tree the first time? Whatever the case the plot point is a great way to get Naruto invested into the world at large beyond him just being board and staying out at sea to see where he stacks up. He is the last living person to ever see the tree and know how dangerous it is, it makes it personal as being the pirate king is to Luffy.

Well, I've gone off on a bit of a ramble. Hope you can get back into this story. I kind of want to see what happens next. Until next time.
8/27 c53 Guest
Greatest story I ever seen
8/29 c2 1Diametrik
The concept of this story is good, but I think it's just so old that the power levels are messed up with what happened in canon after the fanfic was started. For example, Naruto said at the start of this chapter that Luffy was the strongest person he ever met. Like, really? East Blue Luffy is the strongest person over 100 year old Naruto ever met? It's like a bad joke.
8/27 c53 EVIL-SAGE
damn mate this was the best narutoxonepiece story ive read the characters are awesome with their backstory, power and personality its just right. I especially love yosaku,Johnny and valentine they had immense potential and you brought it out perfectly.
I shall wait for the next chapter i really hope the useless hate and negativity you face deosnt stop you.
I apologise in their stead.
8/26 c42 EVIL-SAGE
hell yeah
8/25 c25 EVIL-SAGE
hell yeah the toads are here
8/25 c14 EVIL-SAGE
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