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11h c1 NarutoKazahama06
Chapter 14-According to google you can travel around the world 7.5 times if you're going lightspeed per second.. So 7.5 times 5 equals to 37.5 times around the world.
20h c28 4Chronosign
You would think that Robin would've had a bigger change considering that she was the catalyst for Enies Lobby and how she was capable of avoiding capture for 20 years.
10/18 c14 Chronosign
Reading about Kizaru bouncing between mirrors makes me think of pinball.
10/15 c3 Chronosign
I'd think that he'd have tried to use the sexy jutsu on Sanji to get free food.
10/15 c42 NarutoKazahama06
Naruto Is gonna be pissed if they touched the elemental nation and bring out kurama and the gang
10/14 c17 NarutoKazahama06
You're damn wrong. He lived and has kids now.(Loses kurama too)
10/14 c14 NarutoKazahama06
Or is this written during the five Kage summit?(Cause if I'm not mistaken project Tsuki No Mi/Me is introduced)
10/14 c14 NarutoKazahama06
Is this written when KCM and SO6P mode haven't been introduced?
10/10 c22 4greenarrow679
damn that move with the mice was DIRTYYYYY. Such a naruto move
10/1 c53 Ssjmj
amazing absolutely amazing I really enjoy this story. Also I have to ask wouldn't you pay see Naruto and Luffy vs Kaido animated
9/27 c53 Guest
Hate the fact you made Naruto a bit of a douchebag through most of the chapters. If this was the Naruto from the show/manga no questions asked, he is getting his hands dirty. But not gonna lie you typed out some badass scenes with him.
9/23 c1 1crea9587
9/19 c53 4592l
Please update
9/18 c52 JKingSniper
Really miss this
9/15 c2 Too bad
Such long chapters and an 'overpowered' naruto who barely does anything besides taijutsu... kinda ruins the overpowered part...
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