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5/6/2020 c34 18Andrew
Still wondering why Naruto hasn’t used Nine tails chakra mode or six paths to fight the tougher guys
5/6/2020 c32 18Andrew
I hope after this Hancock will join his harem sometime in the future and be the final to join
5/6/2020 c53 4hallowmask123
So is this story abandoned its getting close to two years since it has been updated and I'm curious
5/5/2020 c27 18Andrew
Why doesn’t Naruto just use his six paths to fight. But still it was a great fight
5/4/2020 c24 18Andrew
Ah so Naruto‘s headband has seals on it so he isn’t as weak as I thought you made him
5/3/2020 c1 hallowmask123
When can we expect an update
5/3/2020 c22 18Andrew
Why doesn’t Naruto just use sage mode to hit Lucci
5/2/2020 c20 18Andrew
Hope there’s another lemon with Naruto and Nojiko
5/2/2020 c17 18Andrew
So Naruto has the rinnegan. So if you have Ace die in the story he can use the Outer path to bring him back, I hope. Also is Naruto going to have every girl he meets in his harem or will it be a reasonable number like Nojiko, Nami, Valentine, Vivi and Robin, I’m fine with just them, but I hope Hancock joins his harem and will be the last to join
5/1/2020 c16 18Andrew
How weak did you make Naruto he should’ve been able to beat kid easily
5/1/2020 c15 18Andrew
So Naruto has had centuries and can’t even use Hiraishin as well as his father and can’t use it freely, that’s so dumb he should be a master at using it by now
5/1/2020 c14 18Andrew
Why doesn’t Naruto just go into sage mode or six paths so he can hit people who have logia type devil fruits, it’s annoying seeing him only able to hit them with Samehada
5/1/2020 c14 18Andrew
Don’t like how you’ve made Naruto weak in this. Destroying those ships should be easy for him and he shouldn’t have a problem fighting Kizaru or really anyone since he’s had plenty of time to train and get stronger than he was after the war
4/30/2020 c13 18Andrew
Hope there will be lemons in this and not just implied or skipped over
4/30/2020 c10 18Andrew
Hope Naruto has more interactions with Ace and with the other Whitebeard pirates in the future
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