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9/27 c53 Guest
Hate the fact you made Naruto a bit of a douchebag through most of the chapters. If this was the Naruto from the show/manga no questions asked, he is getting his hands dirty. But not gonna lie you typed out some badass scenes with him.
9/23 c1 crea9587
9/19 c53 4592l
Please update
9/18 c52 JKingSniper
Really miss this
9/15 c2 Too bad
Such long chapters and an 'overpowered' naruto who barely does anything besides taijutsu... kinda ruins the overpowered part...
9/15 c1 Dr Plot Hole
Hello! Its good ol' Dr Plot Hole swooping in! For those of you who dont know me from other fanfictions: I like finding plot holes because they're usually funny to me, so keep in mind there's no hard feelings with anything I say! As for the one i'd like to point out, right after starting to read this great story: It says Naruto changed his clothing to better be able to vanish into the background. So why is it then, that his pants is white?
9/11 c53 Clown Exorcist
Update this my dude, it's really good if you ask me
9/11 c1 That1RainyDay
He’s not very mature for a supposed hundred year old man that has watched his way of life slowly fade away.
9/6 c29 Reft
great story man pat away you deserve it :)
9/2 c53 nurayong.nur
Great story, enjoyed a lot and hope you will continue it.
8/28 c53 FeelSpyre
you my brother, have managed to convince me to finally attempt finishing one piece, thank you, I shall wait for the next chapter of this incredibly brilliant story
8/25 c48 Kay
Thanks for fantastic story.
8/22 c53 Guest
I love this story. It's my favorite Naruto one piece crossover ever. Wish there was more. Hope you pick it back up soon!
8/24 c20 nurayong.nur
Guy and Kakashi definitely!
8/23 c15 nurayong.nur
Ayyyoo finally
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