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for Shinobi of the High Seas

8/22 c11 nurayong.nur
Ngl this Soren reminds me of krillin
8/21 c1 nurayong.nur
Zoro lost?
7/29 c53 Guest
Man hope your still updating this story its fun
7/24 c28 RyuuyaOoguro
booooooooooooooooo! give me back my kuraaaamaaaaaaa
7/23 c21 RyuuyaOoguro
damn i wanted eneru to face a real god. maybe let naruto go nuts daaaaamn.
7/20 c1 saadnadaf007
naruto did nothing
7/20 c12 RyuuyaOoguro
kurama please come home! daddy isnt mad anymore.
7/19 c5 RyuuyaOoguro
kurama my baby where are you!?
7/15 c53 Stider-The-Ace-of-Spades
Damn Kenchi, I check just about every day after reading a new story and there's still nothing. Hope you pick this one and all the others back up soon!
7/5 c53 1Mike3000jr
I just got to the last chapter i doubt im going to get more being as its been 2 years but im looking forward to it
7/4 c53 Volodar Myru
The best thing about this story is the worldbuilding of one piece. The way you just make up islands that make no sense like the constellation islands, but when you think about it in context they totally fit into the one piece world is amazing. I look forward to more!
7/1 c17 Guest
Bruh if naruto was serious and stopped fuckin letting people go and letting the plot go on the majority of the one piece cast baddies would be paste

Eusstas kid and his crew were just babbies in front of him and he was faster too
7/1 c3 Guest
Arlong destroys a village killing everyone

Naruto: i need a reason kill arlong

Da hell
7/1 c2 Guest
Wtf whyd naruto not kill kuro?
6/30 c44 14Madninja324
and that was the moment Yosaku's balls dropped
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