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for Shinobi of the High Seas

6/29 c53 timberw777
Awesome story. Looking forward to more once you pick it back up. Reading about Johnny and Yosaku train is pretty inspiring.
6/24 c28 Guest
Make naruto stronger
6/25 c5 1Mike3000jr
I am loving this naruto isnt ooc and being happy go lucky like the complete badass he is and getting every girl he meets to fall for him despite being an old man is amazing and well written
6/18 c14 timberw777
What an awesome idea! I’d be very interested in reading about seafaring ninjas looking for a man called Hokage.
6/11 c15 Devine-Quetzalcoatl
finally someone takes my idea for miss valentines power by making one arm or leg heavy and so on ಠ_ಠ
6/4 c43 Guest
I like the idea presented behind the story but the execution is a bit too wonky for me in places.
6/3 c2 tobitto
Jango worked on Naruto?
6/2 c53 Elven Bladesinger
SIR . . . you have been BINGE READ. love this story
5/28 c53 GeneralFang2010
my guy, I seriously miss this story being updated. I sincerely hope you luck it back up, it's top notch
5/25 c1 LL
Loved this story all the way up to chapter 51 lol. Stopped right there. Amazing story though
5/22 c14 yrlastin
40 Kage Bunshin waterwalking a simple punch to the waterline BEATS 40 ships!
1 naruto repeated overpowered Fuuton:Daitoppa's Beats 40 ships!

I sincerely hope he is just making things difficult on purpose!
5/17 c1 1UzumakiStyle
you tried to make naruto funny smart badass guy but he just seems obnoxious. And there should be a limit to how many times you can write "ass"
5/15 c53 avid reader
it's a damn shame you've abandoned this great story. I'm really curious as to how you'd have dealt with Dress Rosa and Donflamingo being whooped by Luffy or if you'd have changed that up and had Soren finally get his measure of revenge instead. I'm also curious as to how you'd have Naruto react to the Wano Country Ninjas since the one I've seen so far is pretty damn goofy
5/3 c3 taroashari
why is naruto so much nonsense? naruto shouldn't need a reason to help someone. the characters here are not like the original
4/27 c53 marc1970
Welp I've been listening to this story now for the second time while I was working and after listening to your rant about certain people. I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed the story. Each of the characters personalities felt genuine and all that cr*p but that's not the point. I just wanted to say thank you and I'm going to check out your other stories.
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