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10/10/2010 c1 34Anime Monster
Fail trio of awesomeness. This is cute. Denmark's boxers and their discussion of England's undergarments is amazing.
9/30/2010 c1 6Envy the Broken
This made me laugh XD Especially when Denmark screamed like the viking he was and attacked them XD No one in the world could have been possibly prepared for that (but just in case, I will be . ) XD good job XD I nearly burst into laughter(and we're at school) XD I would have gotten weird looks xD
9/17/2010 c1 21SchemingAlchemist
That...is a win. It's so awesome that I can't really say much else about it. :D
9/13/2010 c1 240ptimuspenguin
Hehe, I loved it :) real cute~
9/12/2010 c1 rae1112
O MOAR PLEASE The world can NEVER have enough of the Bad Bros Trio...
9/12/2010 c1 13Lord Axxingtons
I loved it. Laughs and excitement all round. It's not many who can write an action sequence that actually engrosses me.
9/11/2010 c1 3MelodyOfStarshine
I love this story ♥ Prussia, Denmark and England are so AWESOME together XD Please write more about them~
9/11/2010 c1 9nano-desu13
Man, I loved this! The Bad Brothers Trio is awesome, and I really liked the idea of the three of them as a badass Mafia team! :D The rival gangs don't stand a freaking chance. The mental image of both England in French lingerie and Denmark going ax-crazy while wearing nothing but duckie boxers...just made my day. XDDD And I thought it was really sweet of England to jump in front of the bullets that were gonna hit Prussia and Denmark...and then act completely tsundere about it. (Oh, Iggy...~) I love your writing style, it's so funny~ Keep it up! :D
9/11/2010 c1 22crackberries
Hahaha this was hillarious! One question though out of curiosity if this was an au, why dis they have their country nes? Where they like codenames or something?
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