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for The Limo Ride

6/25/2013 c24 6puckleberry4ever
wow i cried so hard at many parts it was so sweet keep writing :)
4/2/2011 c18 6AWorldOfMyOwnCreation
The prank was awdome i cant stop laughing
12/23/2010 c23 8Chad's Shortstack
awwww its over! but it was really worth reading :)
12/21/2010 c23 1InsaneClarity
If u do decide to put up a summary, plz pm me((: n I really think u shld((: as long as it's channy((;
12/21/2010 c23 8Cottonee
So cute!

I love it =D
12/21/2010 c23 englishgirlyoudon'tknow
wow! omg they get married in this story! lol! i never thought of that! hppy birthday (late yes i know!) you are the same age as me! lol! can we have a sequel! ! my imagination can't think of anything to happen! ooH! children! my friends and i have thought of what to call them! 4 of them 3 boys aand a girl aww! if you do that youl get 25 more readers! lol! my entire class at school!

thx for writing such a great story!

n/t z/? c/s!

Awww! 3
12/21/2010 c19 englishgirlyoudon'tknow
woo hoo pizza!
12/21/2010 c17 englishgirlyoudon'tknow
lol pooper i remember that! i have to do an essay on romeo + juliet. mines 4000 words though. boo. actually i better do that now... i've bookmarked you! lol

i 3 your stoy Hanuel!
12/21/2010 c16 englishgirlyoudon'tknow
i gunno! 14? 15? i seriously cant tell! if you are like 3 then the fact that you are fan fic is a bit too weird.. Are you 13 like me?
12/21/2010 c4 englishgirlyodon'tknow
noooo! please tell me that she gets her memory back! no! i've already named all 4 od chad and sonnoys children!
12/20/2010 c23 7BethanyRose1796
*Chants* SEQUEL! SEQUEL! SEQUEL! :D you could just do about their future life together or something but still with elements of this story? :D

absolutely loved it :D

-Beth :D x
12/20/2010 c23 CeCe-33
awwwwh(: cutest chap evaa!(; love it! update soon! :D

12/20/2010 c23 10RawrRoni
I would totally read ur sequel! maybe about they have kids and stuff!
12/20/2010 c23 I know love hurts 2010

please do a sequel!

Becca XxX
12/20/2010 c23 21VeVe2491
Sequel! ^_^
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