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for The Eleventh Day

11/4/2020 c1 Mighty Trixie
Great job
9/17/2016 c1 Guest
Nice 9/11 Tribute
3/14/2016 c1 20TheGoldenYoshichu
That was so sweet. It brought tears to my eyes when I read about how Trixie lost her mother on that terrible day and how she had been her best friend. The flashback really got to me and I love how Timmy and Trixie became friends in the end. -TheGoldenYoshichu
6/9/2011 c1 1InfiniteMystery
aww, such a cute story :3
3/1/2011 c1 50Squishy Belly Lover
this is so beautiful :)
9/16/2010 c1 120Wishmaker1028
Wow! Great twist! You had me at the edge of my seat! I never would of thought of that possibility. Great story!
9/12/2010 c1 185Luiz4200
So deep. Good work.
9/11/2010 c1 11OddAuthor
Very short, but very touching and sweet. Poor Trixie; I'm glad she has Timmy, though!
9/11/2010 c1 TF2 Scout
people still ship Trixie with Timmy? LOL
9/11/2010 c1 10MarioDS01
That's a nice little story there. Kind of a twist Mrs. Tang allowed Trixie to read comic books then like the versions where she hated Trixie doing boyish stuff. But I can see the reason why you changed that. Does not explain why Trixie still hide that she loves boy stuff, there is no reason to do that and I think Mr. Tang would be OK with Trixie's interests.

Well, at least I am glad they became much better friends, its a start. Maybe you can build up from here, even though this is a one-shot.

Again a good fanfic, hope to see more of this.

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