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7/17/2012 c10 kt987
7/26/2011 c9 Aquasm
keep going
7/25/2011 c10 5comehomeziva
this is a really good story! keep going!
7/25/2011 c10 Readergirl99
7/24/2011 c10 6whynotlive
This is hands-down one of the best fanfics I've read! I swear I'll clap for you when this whole thing is sorted out and you show how everything ties together because I have no clue! If I was writing this I'd be so confused at myself, but you did a really good job of showing all the evdience and stuff. Update soon! :D
7/24/2011 c10 pjr59
Oh please finish I for one am interested, I will pray your muse gets museing and you get excited again.
7/24/2011 c10 5comehomeziva
this is a really good story! keep going!
11/24/2010 c9 2Vicky24c
OMG! I love it! I have only just started to read fan fic's and this is definitely one of the best I have read so far! Please write more chapters soon! !
11/23/2010 c9 pjr59
Good chapter liked it a lot keep up the good work. Waiting for the next
11/23/2010 c9 cdfuller21
good update...i didn't mind that it was shorter, but i can't wait till the next update. And i agree...thank goodness for holiday breaks!
11/23/2010 c9 cheether
Interesting story and how and where Paula was shot.
11/18/2010 c8 11Searching4sanity
Me too! I can not wait for that episode! Or the NCIS LA one!

Can't wait for the next chapter, is Tony going to have the same reaction when Cassidy died in show or will it be different?
11/17/2010 c8 pjr59
I am waiting for the update. This wasnt a bad chapter hopefully after the holidays and life isnt so crazy, and hopefuly your muses would be musing a full throddle. Keep up the good work.
11/17/2010 c8 STLFAN
Yes, please update, 'cause I need to know what is going on. Thanks for the time you put into it. :)
11/16/2010 c8 20applemysteries

Love Ziva, and Gibbs better get on her side pretty damn fast.

I shall now quote Abby: "Gibbs isn't acting like he's on team Ziva"

But hey, now nobodys really on team Ziva. But she's strong. And since I believe you are amazing, you can't kill her. :)

Please update! SOON! :D
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