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11/16/2010 c3 20applemysteries
Ah, Kate. :) Well, I'm a Tiva fan except for when Kate's alive, so I guess I'm horribly conflicted now aren't I?

Oh, well. I LOVE this story! :) It is AMAZING. But, um, no more Ziva hating please? Gibbs and her need to develop a father daughter bond. :)

And poor Abby. I suspect Ari, because well that would suck for them all and I'm sadistic like that. Once again, LOVE IT! You're doing a great job!
11/2/2010 c7 11Searching4sanity
I still don't understand why Gibbs asked Ziva in the first place about where her gun is?

I like the plot, it's very interesting and sounds like something that might be an episode! But wouldn't Gibbs have enough trust in Ziva to know she didn't kill anyone? I dunno it seemed a little OC to me.
11/1/2010 c7 cdfuller21
Very good chapter! Can't wait for the next update.
10/31/2010 c7 32JustGoingWithTheWind
Great story!
10/31/2010 c7 4AllThatHoldsUsTogether
whaaaaaaat? lol love the plot. it's jumbly, difficult to keep up with (In a good way) and totally, spectacularly well writen! *Applause*
10/31/2010 c3 AllThatHoldsUsTogether
ZOMFG WTH JUST HAPPENED! well, now that thats out of my system, i'd like to complement you on fantasmic (yes i know how i spelled it) writing skills.
10/31/2010 c7 15LyssLovesSnowing33
Is this Anti-Ziva? Is Ziva really the culprit! I am so confused!

(But I think that is what you want lol!)

10/31/2010 c7 jeannie13
thank you for updating but please please update soon !
10/31/2010 c7
very good chapter waiting for the next
10/22/2010 c6 32JustGoingWithTheWind
Aww write more soon! Oh. Poor Ziva!
10/22/2010 c6 cdfuller21
Great chapter! can't wait to see what happens next!
10/22/2010 c6 7StuckOnBTR13
update soon pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee it is a relly good story! just please dont let them be so mean to ziva. and i hope theres not going to be alot of kate! but i still like the story!
10/22/2010 c6 3xteamgibbsx
hahahaha you with the shotgun in montana... funny:]

i have to admit, when i heard that kate was cloned my first reaction was:

... stupid.

but you changed my mind! complete 180 degrees turn around. whatever you do.. please dont have kate's coming back to ncis kick ziva away.. that would stink.
10/16/2010 c5 11Searching4sanity
I love this! It's a genius plot! I love that you brought Kate back! It's also kinda funny how Toni and Mcgee react, and how Ziva is clueless. But wouldn't Ziva know who Kate is, Ari was tracking her, and she was his officer.
10/6/2010 c5 cdfuller21
AHH! so good and a very interesting twist!
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