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6/17/2014 c4 6tinyriver
I think this a great fic, because I know about "The Fame Monster" (not just the album) since I become a Little Monster, I mean I relate this fic with Lady Gaga, because some of her song are about her life "as Stefani" (her real name is Stefani Angeline Joanne Germanota) and some problems she had "as Lady Gaga" (the process to being famouse), like on her song "Paper Gangsta" about when she used to work on DeafJam, but she quit of them because the only wanted her money. Also, like she sang on ARTPOP, she tried to sell herself, but Lady Gaga only Loves the music, NO the "Bling"(Money) besides the music is NOT about being the better, but the Art on create music. Ok, sorry for the OffTopic.

What I mean, is that I like this fic because I knew if Trent wants to be famous on the music industry, he would have to get through all this shit like anyone who wants to be a singer. And I would love it if you continue it.
5/28/2014 c4 13Islanda
I just started reading this story tonight and I absolutely love it! I am definitely used to seeing you write peaceful, family stories but this is such a nice change! It's so dark and I absolutely love it. I'm so curious to see Gwen and Trent's relationship slowly crumble and to see how Lindsay comes into the story! You also mentioned that Trent has a daughter? That will also be very interesting to see. I love this so much though, you are an amazing writer to be able to nail so many different genres so well. Please keep this story up, I'd love to see you write more of it too! It's a really unique idea and there aren't too many stories just about Trent out there.

I also think that "Shawn" is Leshawna. I'd love to see more of her too, whoever it is! It's such an amazing story though and I really hope that you keep writing it! :)
8/13/2012 c3 Guest
Leshawna obviously and you based her off of beyonce
9/27/2010 c2 yui700
Oh God,i'm loving it,great story,i support Trindsay,but I almost cried in the final part,so touching and beautiful,i definetly would have cried if i didn't dislike the couple so much.

Please update soon.
9/24/2010 c2 power of slide
this is just great!
9/20/2010 c1 2Hossenfeffer
Wooowww...this is like, so deep :D haha! If it wasn't time for me to go to sleep I would read more.

Update another chapter so I can read two instead of one! :D that would be awesome!

- Hossenfeffer!

(the impossible name to spell, hahaha!)
9/19/2010 c1 13Calamity Now
Hullo, how're you? Before I get on with the reading + reviewing I just want to say that I probably won't have time to be R&Ring constantly (as I usually don't) but this year has started out filled with deadlines and it's getting to be quite hectic. Every once in a while I'll be able to do a quick catch up and I'll review every time I read. Every few updates just message me on dA and I'll R&R as soon as possible (though I am very forgetful)

So now that I've said that it's time to start reading XD


"Two years ago, I was a boy a young innocent nineteen year-old boy" Redundant, read that over out loud. Perhaps, "I was a young and innocent nineteen year old boy," XD little error. No biggie.

"I'm a washed up shell of a twenty-one year man, " I like that, the difference of two years can be amazing.

Does there really need to be the italics? I find it a bit distracting when I'm reading and I can't figure out why it's being used ^^''

"Lupe Lopez" nice illiteration. I would say that name every day if I could.

Fifth paragraph down I like the italics and I like the way you wrote that. I'm impressed, deeply impressed, your writing has improved significantly. *sniff* so proud XD

"She moaned her raspy voice raspier from sleeping" redundant.

"I began to laugh for reason that I don't even know. Correction, for reasons I didn't know, Note to past self: You can get a slight high from inhaling around you." - I like that

Repeating: That sent me Down in Flames. seems a little silly. Just the one time is fine, if this keeps getting repeated the phrase will really lose it's meaning.

Overall opinion: I am proud of you :'D note the tear in the smiley face. Your writing has improved greatly, much better than A Father's Love. When I clicked the link I didn't have high hopes, I must admit, but you proved me wrong.

Just a last note: Your paragraphs are quite large and quite intimidating. A lot of them could be cut into two.

Anyways, nicely done.

- There Is No Escape,

Calamity Now
9/19/2010 c2 iheartradio
Ahhhh! i just LOVE this story!

I love how you portray both characters. you do a nice job of it. I'm not a big fan of TrentLindsay but yu knows its your story, not mine.

Please update soon!
9/19/2010 c2 4madim
Wow, a brilliant first chapter to a magnificient story :D :D :D

The way you described Gwen and Trent's relationship is absolutely well written and I enjoyed reading every single moment.

When Trent told Gwen that he may not come back and how they didn't talk to each other until they said "i love you" to each other almost made me tear up. It was very heartfelt and emotional.

The photo that Gwen gave to Trent was simply adorable. The way you described that photo, I could picture it in my head. That was one of the best chapter endings I've ever read.

Even though I'm not a fan of Trent and Lindsay, I'll still read your story because it is amazing :D

You are an extremely talented author. I know I said it before, but i really want to say it again because it is absolutely true.

I can't wait until you update :)


9/12/2010 c1 power of slide
I can only say...WOW! this story is GREAT!
9/12/2010 c1 madim

You have portrayed Trent's personality and character very, very well.

Throughout the story, you have shown amazing descriptive words that made me imagine what happened in the story.

I love how you use italics for Trent's thoughts when he is telling his story. I absolutely love the story about how Gwen and Trent met; super cute and sweet. I basically love everything about this story. It showed emotion, character with hints of darkness in it that gave a powerful message.

I know this is a long review, but I just wanted to tell you how much I love this story so far and I cannot wait until the next chapter.

You are an AMAZING author and remember to keep showing your talent :D

~ Madim


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