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6/14 c40 bitch corgi
right, I've read this fic at least 3 or 4 times, and I bloody love it, it's amazing, one of my all time favourite fics, and my favourite httyd fic. but like, I'm dumb, and always assumed miklagard was some random made up place, or smth, and it wasn't until a few minutes ago when I saw a meme (using the template from the dinner scene in Shrek 2) abt several different names for Istanbul throughout history that I realised that miklagard is actually a real life place, and it's Istanbul, and that miklagard is just the Viking name for it. honestly what am I on , aside from my stupidity, this fic is great! love it so much!
5/25 c40 bambiewitch
this was such a heartfelt coming-of-age piece oh my God. this was a work of art and I enjoyed every last word of it. the scraps of real history throughout? made my day oh my gosh. incredible, this story is honestly incredible.
5/1 c16 Guest
i love this!
4/30 c11 Guest
4/30 c9 Guest
loool. love this.
4/30 c7 Guest
loool. god, love it.
4/28 c1 Lawrence Horiuchi
instructions unclear, accidentally rewatched the whole movie. might rewatch the entire trilogy
3/30 c23 31Sidekicks-anonymous
Toothless smothered by cats is such a lovely mental image.
I like that you don't gloss over the hardship of healing and recovery. The movie didn't show us much of Hiccup's adjustment to losing a foot, so his frustration here is an interesting element.
3/30 c40 Repooc
My god... I know you probably don't read these anymore, but this is without a doubt, the GREATEST HTTYD fanfic I have ever read. I loved the plot, the characters, the place, I loved it all. I'm so depressed that it's over now. It was a journey. Congratulations, and a giant chef's kiss for this whole thing.
3/28 c12 Sidekicks-anonymous
I love the multifaceted narrative you're crafting.
You also do a good job of portraying Hiccup as a teenage boy, realistically being in-character.
3/8 c40 JosephKindopp1
you are an author without equal. I yearn for more of this!
2/26 c18 Ethan Rhodes
For some reason i read the line
\::Nooooo...:: It came out as a pained moan. It stirred no sympathy from the rogue Viking./

\::Nooooo...:: It came out as a pained moan. It stirred no sympathy from the vogue Riking./

So either im dyslexic, tired or i need to relearn how to read :/

2/18 c36 MsShadowsOra
that ending I'm crying... that was so mean
2/13 c32 3Anitode
This story is amazing and heartwarming
2/6 c35 13thegoldensnitch102
Ahhh this was such a wonderful chapter. Definitely one of my favourites so far. It was so long haha but Ioved it! I think you did the transition really well. I’d partly been expecting Astrid to sneak into the meeting and try and kill Toothless so this was such a great contrast.
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