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6/16 c40 TheBeard263
This is an amazing story. I love how atypical a lot of your choices are to most other httyd stories.

Didn't see some of your choices coming, and loved them moreso for it. For as long as the story is, it doesn't feel like much has happened.

Thanks for the great read!
5/31 c39 Mattywilkss
Wow. What a crazy amount of talking and indecision in the middle of a fight. Its amazing how incredibly boring most of this chapter was.
5/31 c25 Jack
Giggle extra hard at cripple hiccup! I knew you were fucked in the head! Will this boring ass part be done soon?
5/31 c22 Jack
Disappointed? With a bullshit dream chapter after hiccup took an axe in the fuckin spine? I thought this was going to be a whimsical adventure story, not a fucked up angst ridden horror show.
5/31 c21 Jack
Disgusting amount of angst is exactly right! I loathe when people do this. A story is going a certain way and then a hard left turn into something else. Its like taking a giant shit on what you've already written. Imagine if the writers of E.T. took a hard left turn and all of a sudden they were writing a story more like Friday the thirteenth. Congratu-fucking-lations on successfully losing my interest in this story.
5/27 c40 Lunar Jellyfish
A story well-binged.
5/27 c39 Lunar Jellyfish
I was hoping that when they fought the demon, they'd have more tribes...Specifically, I wanted Camicazi and the Bog burglars to help out. They had loads of young would-be riders. But the fight was epic, all the same.
5/27 c38 Lunar Jellyfish
I liked the talk between Stoick and Hiccup, but I think there should've been a hug somewhere in there. They haven't shown each other that level of affection yet, and that was the first time they had the privacy to do so.

What a dirty pack of rats the meatheads turned out to be.
5/27 c37 Lunar Jellyfish
WAIT. NO WAY! I WAS RIGHT ABOUT HER BEING GUDRID?! I THOUGHT SHE SAID SHE HAD NO MEMORY OF HICCUP?! O.O I JUST REALIZED MY MISTAKE! OF COURSE SHE DIDN'T KNOW WHO HICCUP WAS WHEN SHE WAS A WEE LASS! He wasn't born yet! T.T (I had to write this for this chapter, because I prematurely sent a review for the last one, and only one review is allowed per chapter.)

It's so sad that she died the day after, but I suppose it makes for a more fated encounter. To think she waited until she could see her "first love" again before accepting death's embrace.

OH YEAH! I AM HELLA INTERESTED IN A HOLMGANGA! I've been wntint Hiccup to show off his newfound skills with a sword. He could hand a viking working for Mikalgard his ass, I'm ready for Snotlout to be eating dirt.

...Well he didn't eat dirt, but that was as good conclusion. I was hoping Hiccup would win the duel and declare he did not want chiefdom afterwards, but I admit that Snotlout likely would not have been as inclined to follow Hiccup into battle atop a dragon if the battle went that way.
5/26 c36 Lunar Jellyfish
5/26 c35 Lunar Jellyfish
I loved it. I was concerned that the...hype? not sure if that's the right word, but I was concerned that it may push you to try to make it more convoluted, or suspenseful. But no, I was really happy with what you came up with.

The hostility displayed between them at first makes complete sense, as does the stubbornness displayed by both of them regarding who's at fault. They're Vikings after all! I love how you had Hiccup withdraw the hostilities first, and accept some blame, and then DIDN'T with Astrid. It's so common for a fight to finish with one party accepting blame and the other mimicking them, then reconciling.

But, I would have been disappointed if it was left at that, and you did not disappoint when you mirrored the choices the two made at the very beginning of the story. It was a really believable way of making someone so obstinate and close-minded towards dragons to finally renege some control and accept a dragon ride. The dragon ride was a lot more convincing than in the movie, in fact, removing the romantic undertones that developed so fast, and lengthening Astrid's fear.

Like you said, her change *was* a little drastic after landing. Looking at the beginning of the chapter and the end, the change feels too sharp. But at the same time, you have a story to write, and there's really no need in such a thorough development, when the reader's main focus is directed towards their conversation - a calm one, around a fire, drinking wine. The wine, along with fatigue, could also be easily explainable factors in her drastic change. Perhaps she was too tired to keep up her arguments.
5/26 c34 Lunar Jellyfish
If I wasn't reading this so late, I'd have been so pissed at that cliffhanger.
5/25 c22 Lunar Jellyfish
For a fleeting moment, I thought Gudrid was the Gudrid sais "we are from different times" and then I thought I had a revelation that she was the Elder after all. Then she said she'd never heard of Hiccup and I felt silly.
5/25 c15 Lunar Jellyfish
I love Gobber.
5/25 c1 Lunar Jellyfish
This is gonna be great. I was supposed to be going to sleep. That ain't happening.
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