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12/2/2019 c9 3Kira Potter Jackson
Very original theme.
I'm glad for your achievements.
I will be waiting for your new way of presenting this story.
11/27/2018 c9 Feenrai
Even though this story was discontinued, I read it because I couldn't get enough of your writing, and I wasn't going to miss a single word. I'm glad I did, especially as I read it before starting the rewritten work in progress version. It was fascinating for me to compare the initial parts of the two, and see the difference and growth in your writing and storytelling. This version of the story was all the greatness of an idea. It had me hooked instantly. If you had never rewritten it, I would never have seen the need. Yet having read the rewritten version too, it makes me truly appreciate all the extra detail you added in, how you fleshed out the characters more fully early on, etc... I know a lot of authors remove older work, especially if they rewrite it, but I think it's fantastic that you left this up, because it's like seeing the birth of the idea that was then molded even more expertly into the rewritten version, and I appreciate them both more by the existence of the other. Does that make sense? :P

Anyway, thank you for a great story, and a great read. This original version cuts off pretty abruptly, and really left me hanging, and thus very eager to move on and devour the rewritten version _
3/5/2013 c9 kachle
PLease write the 'new' story fast!
2/25/2013 c9 Guest
Why end it here ?

I hope to see more of this story, has I think it can be really good.

But for now, I give you: Five Bronze Stars.

The Crimson Mage.
2/23/2013 c9 1Mattmaster112
I would have preferred it if you had simply continued where you left off, but I'm glad that you are back.
2/22/2013 c9 Monte0411
Wow, you have been busy! Congrats for all of your recent accomplishments!
2/22/2013 c9 1Carma Nightmare
I an very glad that good things are happening for you! You are awesome. Live long and mey you all prosper
2/22/2013 c9 5Dark Neko 4000
what will happen next
2/16/2013 c8 Sucinquee
amazing idea!
And i love AU(harry) too 3

Oh how i wish you'd finished this at least maybe yoe'll come back here one day and continue this?
The idea is really great,and although i can live with this ending much better than with theone i feared(i usually only read comleted fanfics because i hated waiting but even though i could see yours was just on pause i just HAD to read what was there),
I would still love to read about how this goes on.
Sadly i have forgotten my password,so i cant login to put this on alert (though messages to my account name can still reach me because also mails them) but i swaer,if you ever continue this i ll eventually find it and i will read it and thank you:)
1/15/2013 c8 2The Red Dementor
Was this discontinued or have you not found a beta yet?

It's a great story and it should be continued!
12/10/2012 c8 kachle
Are you going to continue this story?
Please, please, please!
11/23/2012 c8 3maxgoof296
Great so far. Can't wait for the next chapter. How will the other kids react to Harry being a wizard?
9/20/2012 c8 1Mattmaster112
this story is awesome, and i'm greatly saddened by the loss and its abandonment by the author
8/31/2012 c8 2Sakura Ichigo Morihiko
THAT is a much more interesting way to discover that you're a wizard than Harry did in the books.
8/16/2012 c8 2cattj003
ooh wow, you have to update this is such an original fanfic!
i really want to know how this turns out
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