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for Let the Rain Sing You a Lullaby

8/5/2019 c10 3UnicornInATophat
10/24/2018 c10 kaifrancishiggins
I want more chapters and I want to know what is happening
10/1/2018 c10 14CheshireSaxon
I am actually very surprised with how much I liked and approve of this story. I was skeptical at first, but its well written and shows Quinn and Kurt as real humans beyond the selfish petty teens on tv.
I do wonder more about there relationship and what's going on with Kurt, but sadly I don't think I'll
find out anytime soon.
9/18/2018 c10 Kai Higgins
I want more chapters
8/1/2018 c10 Kai Francis Higg
I really want more chapters I want to know if the wedding is coping good
4/16/2018 c10 6Lauren's Glee Stories
I know it’s been ages but I would like love for this story to be continued! I can already see signs of Quinn developing new feelings for Kurt and would love to see where you can take this!
11/11/2017 c10 2musme
I love it
6/20/2016 c10 Guest
Would love to hear more of this
12/5/2015 c10 Happy-chan
Pleeeeeaaaseeeee...don't abandon this story! I want to Kurt be in love with Quinn! And get a jealousy and possessive towards her! OTZ (it's an emoticon of a person begging)
11/13/2015 c10 BasilSing
I really like this story. It was worth looking through my bookmarks for the re-read. I hope you finish it someday.
10/14/2015 c1 4Hazelcriss
i know you haven't updated for 4 years in this story but this story is good and if you are reading this plz continue don't let a amazing story like this go to wait by being incomplete forever...

7/22/2015 c10 Sleepy
I'm sad this story looks like it's going to be incomplete forever more, it's really good. Hope you pick it up again someday.
7/6/2015 c10 2ObsidianGoddess
-moans- update
5/1/2015 c10 19Smiling Seshat
This is a great fic. I'd love to see more of it.
5/1/2015 c9 Smiling Seshat
That last part was quite funny.
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