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1/22/2019 c2 Guest
Not to mention all you need to beat even madara, is a chakra flash, a jar of pepper spray, a bright light, a bit of ground glass, a frickin' road side flare! All these things basically render them useless.
1/22/2019 c2 Guest
Why would naruto have to be wary of amerutsu? He's a demon LORD his powers were honed in hell, that kinda flame should be nothing to him, a matchstick! Same thing if you gave him superman's powers or thor's.. That's really nothing of any consequence. All the uchiha's eyeball powers seem really, underpowered!
1/22/2019 c2 Guest
Questioning his spy network? Yeah I'd be questioning it too, considering not only are they bouncing from place to place hunting tsunade, but he somehow missed that orochimaru had set up his own hidden village, missed the fact he murdered the kazekage and missed the fact that he had two armies and a jinchuriki mobilize and sneak into his home town undetected(still not sure how that works given that there is supposed to be an invisible barrier), that is a lot for a so called "spy network" to miss actually! Kinda pathetic really. Not sure the toad deserves the title "spymaster", maybe "gossip queen" would be more appropriate.

"do your job in the next life"?.. Um if the toad is getting devoured, there is no next life for him, just eternal pain and suffering, no being reborn. Apparently you don't recognize the significance of what you wrote.. There is nothing waiting on the toad, nothing at all, simply pain, suffering and oblivion. Although what did he expect on trying to cheat a "covenant"? That's so dumb demonologists don't even do it! It's considered really, really retarded! And to make a "pact" with a god and then go back on it?..loll, I'm not sure what to even call that level of stupidity. U've made some dumb konohas but this one take the cake. This scenario would piss off heaven, hell, the spirits and other dimensions, the fall out would be.. biblical.
1/22/2019 c2 Guest
"If the fire daimyo is involved, then what better time is there to kill him"? So why doesn't naruto use that same mentality and kill the councils now? What better time is there? and it's not like they can do anything to stop him from doing it! Seems like a good idea, it gets rid of a few of the vermin before he has to start getting serious. (actually saying that, is really insulting to rats...I apologize, The councils are much more vile and disgusting creatures)
11/18/2018 c9 Dragonman110
I hope you'll consider updating this story when your able.
7/26/2018 c1 Arsenal
Flawed story. It would have been better if no one knew of raisen's existence except Naruto. Shinobi work in darkness and deceit.
7/9/2018 c9 carol
love this one are you going to update anymore
6/23/2018 c9 4Monster King
Great story I really liked it good job writing the story please continue it soon I hope that you have not giving up on it.
6/19/2018 c8 2DarkChaosDragon00
3/27/2018 c2 robert krause
when Naruto get the moeny back to him now and when living in his new home Naruto had running bounyhuther co into most good co and when it was running Naruto and co had the mob moeny be away for when buit up sife homes in the whipool west couny and bad lands for when Naruto had living in them and when others had not see it and when took out the sound vaillge old base lub out and when in them he find notes no danzo and some working capmes and when bund one down he find men had sex with woamn and grils age 19 to 29 and when he doing to men made it look ing like a war was no too .
3/6/2018 c9 Guest
Update soon please
3/1/2018 c9 1Spider-Man999
Hope you'll update this one soon!
2/12/2018 c9 Guest
Sush a shame that this story seems dead
1/31/2018 c9 Guest
"my spy network has protected konoha for years".. Except that a new village was formed that hated konoha as much as iwa, two ARMIES and a jinchuriki snuck in, a PRIVATE army not under control of the hokage was formed in the SAME VILLAGE! An amabassador was allowed to kidnap the heiress of a (then) respected clan and you had two BIG TIME traitors (one working as a TEACHER for all the clan heads, the other as a top MEDIC) were feeding all information out! Oh yeah, GREAT JOB at "protecting the village" *rolls eyes* about as much protection as a screen door is from a chainsaw! Heck even in cannon that "network" isn't of much use! is the toad, forgetting that the Shinigami is going to DEVOUR HIS SOUL upon his death?... NO HEAVEN or the spirit realm is waiting on him, he was told that back quite a few chapters ago, and NOTHING has changed. He doesn't NEED to worry about minato or kushina, he's GOING TO HELL! (BROKE THE CONTRACT, remember?) How COULD the toad do a reverse summoning? He's MISSING AN ARM remember? You NEED two arms to do that jutsu!
1/31/2018 c8 Guest
"something they were going to rectify soon".. WHY NOT NOW?! How is putting ALL these problems IN THE VILLAGE on the back burner, to put out fires so far away that it's laughable a GOOD IDEA?.. See I was right, they let everyone get away with everything till Hinata and Hana got hurt, THEN he flew off the handle, so tell me, how does WAITING AROUND help anyone? Or do ANYTHING other then create MORE AND MORE problems? Also NOBODY is going to call out jiraiya on that whole "working with danzo" thing? Despite he was a traitor and killed ON ORDERS from the hokage! (a blood-thief, a conspirator and a disgusting monster.. Maybe HE taught orochimaru.. "Birds of a feather" and all that. And again with that ridicules "spy network" excuse. 00-ZERO rofl. "an insult to your father"?.. Um don't you remember that ALL this STARTED because OF the agreement with the Shinigami that MINATO made? How would ANY of what Naruto has become be an insult?.. It WAS MINATO'S IDEA! Because he DIDN'T TRUST THE VILLAGE OR HIS SENSEI! (rightly so)
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