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11/19/2017 c9 WhateverPlus
Awesome Chapter Continue Please
11/18/2017 c3 Guest
when she had be tsunade own stundy Naruto let her live with in the noth side home a big 2 bed room home buit back when Naruto dad marring his mom and it was the 1 home he had with a 3 room in it , and when Naruto had be in the red light arnd of the vaillge to buy out the bar k nights a informes night club he get ownership of and see the need to buit the top floor of it into some woking room form him and the old cawn kown as the 3 toble mack .
11/12/2017 c8 Guest
when in his bed room sarkra Naruto new wife and his time with her is good and sex was on her bodds out and Naruto put his hands on her saying to her you hot gril and she say you not bad youslfe mr ,when the 2 had it going no Naruto then saw her out ,ion his 2 had it too and when in power Naruto then kill off sunkie and took out the boys eyes and put them in himslfe and get more powerflue and say you fool you powers money are my now ,with the powers Naruto was no the war with others too ,
9/20/2017 c9 46Zero Arashi Uchiha
My dude, you should update this I want to see what happens to Jiraiya and anyone else who is a Asshole to Naruto
8/22/2017 c9 2zanpaktomaster
7/26/2017 c9 PrintedSnail11
Hey man continue this story if you can it has been a fun read.
6/20/2017 c9 spacekid96
This story is amazing I can't wait to see the Civilians council get their asses kicked
6/15/2017 c9 kradyus
Another konoha bashing story at it's finest. Too bad the story end prematurely. Maybe just maybe you would coincide continue with the story.
6/6/2017 c9 Guest
I hope you decide to come back to this story. You still have the civilian council to punish, Jiriya (?), & the Akatski to deal with & lots of FUN for Naruto & his ladies to have. Oh yeah, Kiba, Kakashi, Sasuke, & even Sakura still need more punishment. Perhaps Sakura could become the permanent cleaner of the toilets in the Akimichi's restaurants.
2/11/2017 c3 Guest
when in the wiher whind shir and cother and hat too Naruto was call the bad ass ninja andfor somethink he shoud not live in his dad and mom home .
2/11/2017 c2 Guest
when Naruto had mand the gust home in the back into a cub bedrooms for some of his stundes and tema meberds too like the 3 and 7 tils hotds and his woman like tenten and hiltne move in with him and some time he had be wng as a bounyhuther and some sel toothers too.
2/8/2017 c9 DracoKing30
really love story cant wait for new chapters
2/3/2017 c9 Carol542
please update soon
1/31/2017 c7 Guest
HAHAHA you think a container of demon energy would make a demon? That's BEYOND crazy, all it would do to some sorry sack of crap is tear them apart! and it's kinda ACTUALLY FUNNY! It's like saying putting human blood into a dog would make them human! (I've never seen a dog-girl, or man walking around, have you?) It's called "genetic incompatibility"... and it's a VERY real thing... It's one the reasons you can't splice just any species into another...They DIE, kinda horrifically, as their body TEARS ITSELF APART from within. It's kinda one of the reasons I LAUGHED at sora, I thought "WOW, the author is getting REALLY DESPERATE for new stories) Lemme ask you this LITTLE question, IF this were even possible, don't you think Orochimaru or danzo himself would have ALREADY given themselves this power? Because APPARENTLY obedito did, and this was BEFORE the tech EVEN EXISTED to give him senju cells... POSSIBLE, not likely though, considering they were basically genetic SIBLING, but if Orochimaru was the "inventor" of this, he HADN'T MADE IT YET,,, You can't just WILL tech to advance (I think of several that would LOVE that), if it doesn't EXIST, it doesn't EXIST! (thus why the akutski are a JOKE to me...Stupid self-inserts to extend a series, and NOT THAT WELL HIDDEN). Danzo? Okay, I can believe that OLD MAN, but since he doesn't show up till shippudean, his credibility kinda takes a rather large HIT. Also if he WANTED the kyuubi vessel under his control, then why would he have the uchiha clan killed? Doesn't that kinda sound "counter-productive"? Why kill senju? AGAIN "counter-productive"... He's WIPING out EVERY WAY of controlling it... That seems?... INCREDIBLY STUPID?
1/31/2017 c6 Guest
I think the entire Akutski are a JOKE... The uchiha and pein, going without saying (do I need to ridicule them more, or did you get my contempt? I CAN, belive me, I have a 1001 ways their eyes FAIL)... Kisame's sword absorbing chakra which is poisonous and destroys everything that touches it...Oh my, yes that's a GOOD IDEA! a NO TAILED tailed beast taking on a nine tails? Hmm, nobody has done kindergarten math huh? 0 9... and nobody gets this? Also sending Itachi.. um if he DOESN'T WORK? Then naruto's gonna develop immunity to even tobi.. so in what reality does this make sense? Obeito isn't going risk it!

MOST of cannon makes NO SENSE.. Why would you go against your ultimate weapon?... Why would you spoil a traitor? Why would train a traitor AT ALL?.. Why would you not tell naruto considering he HAD NO BODY to talk to?... WHY WOULD YOU CARE if anyone found out?

I'm ACTUALLY kinda shocked in this chapter that the two OTHER "advisors" of the third just didn't go and have a HEART-ATTACK at what happened to Hiashi and Danzo...I mean their OLDER then flipping DIRT, and with the kind of KI and strength being displayed by BOTH naruto and Tsunade, I'd think they'd be HISTORY! (not to mention the fact that their "wonderful and fabled" bloodline was BASICALLY USELESS. (which was kinda PROVEN given danzo's death)) All in all, this whole chapter just showed THEIR leaf, IS DEAD, It's GONE and it's never coming back. Not sure they'd EVEN WANT to be in the NEW lleaf, but then again, since they will NOT have an afterlife... They kinda don't have many options. Or did they NOT notice that one of their "advisors" and a clan head were both KILLED like they were PESTS of some kind and NOBODY is getting punished...Kinda POINTS IT OUT GLARINGLY doesn't it?
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