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1/29/2017 c4 10Wolfone10
Hiden shows we can all CREATE OUR OWN GODS... Pein thinks he is one, he is delusional.. and he dies.. THUS showing some gods are WEAK and not worthy of the title... UCHIHA are also of that being, they are all STUPID, weak willed, and weak minded... thus they will ALL fall, YES that even means Itachi... Whether you chose to acknowledge it or not, he is STILL brain damaged, and a FOOL. Orochimaru thinks himself a god, like the uchiha.. but all he is, is a ghost possessing host after host... A PALE shadow to true immortality and a STUPID TRICK at best. As far as the uchiha? ANYONE that DEPENDS on an easily HIT body part for their ENTIRE LIFE? Well that's just pathetic.
1/29/2017 c3 Guest
Your plans for Hinata make NO SENSE whatsoever, IF she was taken from being an heiress because she is WEAK then they DAMN SURE wouldn't want her to BREED?! That makes no sense, They'd want her DEAD! Why in the world would they breed an entire generation of WEAKLINGS? In fact for the most part their treatment/attitude toward naruto makes no sense, THEY CARE ABOUT POWER PERIOD. Not laws, not orders, not ANYTHING but what they can gain... This makes naruto an attractive "fruit" they can "pluck" as ALL of ties have been cut/never existed and their heiress ALREADY has formed a connection with him (showing she CAN actually DO SOMETHING right), IF EVERYONE is terrified of naruto (and he did kill a kage in a fight) Then how much power and respect does that say the HYUUGA clan will have if he joins with them? It wouldn't matter if it was THE DEVIL HIMSELF! (admittedly, if you were from a family that could call SATAN down on your heads for denying a person something, ANYONE would think twice) I get you want them to be "evil" but.. seriously?
1/29/2017 c2 Guest
"Do your job in the next life"? I hope that's just an expression, because otherwise THEY WEREN'T LISTENING to what naruto said, THERE IS NO "NEXT LIFE" for jiriya, there is none for ANY of the villagers that helped break contract, their "afterlife" IS ALREADY OVER! There IS NOTHING for them to look forward too, and now the old perv SHOULD be afraid to die, VERY VERY afraid. Everything good he has ever done or WILL ever do, was UNDONE by going along with breaking contract with a GOD! OROCHIMARU is gonna have a better time after death! No seeing his old sensei, no seeing kushina or minato, no beautiful women in the afterlife, NO ANYTHING.. His very REASON for existing is GONE, but his life IS ALL the time his soul has LEFT! It really makes for a sad, CRAPPY existence.. Which is WHY nobody is STUPID enough to break a contract with a god! (Especially not an inevitability like the death god)

Those two mental midgets take down kyuubi? HAHAHA them and WHAT ARMY? As for naruto? "what do we do Itachi?", "We LOSE"... "Peace is NO LONGER ATTAINABLE." and watch as THEIR spirits too are BROKEN. I mean think about it, THE KYUUBI (not sealed mind you) it would turn Itachi into confetti and Kisame into CHUM! WHILE BARELY TRYING! Think about it, it BUTT RAPED pein and that was WHILE SEALED! It's like sending two young MICE to take down a jaguar!
1/29/2017 c1 Guest
HAHAHA, hey kyuu you need your eyes examed, there was only ONE sharringan eye... Because it's OBEDITO! I mean seriously, which is harder to imagine, a shinobi living hundreds of years AFTER his supposed death by a here-to-fore unheard of technique of a RARE bloodline.. OR that the one "good" uchiha that nobody found the body for, finally went bad? Has ANYBODY heard of "occum's razor"?
1/29/2017 c7 Guest
when yugito and Naruto had live it his home Naruto had buy out some cub bedrooms pots to his home and then he # the cubs the 1 was yuguto own and then 2 for and 3 for the sisters to having with and the 4 for kin to live in , when he had to woking as bounyhuther he and yugito fuu was in the red light arund of the village woking on them own offices a bar 1 men cave for Naruto and the fuu her own and yugito own is over too ,
1/29/2017 c4 Guest
when tenten and Naruto had be in his home and then sex was on for tenten had her colunds off and Naruto had be on top of her and then he had her bodds out to him and then he and her had sheep in the cub bed room he had put in his home the former gust bed room he had mand into his bed room with tenten as his lover too,
1/24/2017 c9 6my 2 guys
that was good keep the chapters coming
1/17/2017 c9 LordHatredX
good chap

! !
1/2/2017 c9 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
12/21/2016 c9 Anonimo1
Actualiza pronto por favor!
12/17/2016 c9 3DarkChaosDragon00
11/26/2016 c6 Guest
with the roods founer dide Naruto and tsunade had ues his sshikll as parpet and his own bouny in the halls of the villge to mack it is ninja know why happing to peles who try be gods and kings of the eath and others too . a dather mask was mand too 4 of them one in tsunade own oiffice wall ,the 2 was in Naruto home office too and the school too and the old home too .
10/19/2016 c9 Darth Agonus
If only there were more chapters of this fanfic. Its become one of my favs.
10/3/2016 c9 27Thebestoftherest
you let Jiraiya live?
8/6/2016 c9 2Nihatclodra
this fic is quite poorly written... although it is, fortunately, the entertaining kind of poorly written, if just barely.
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