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7/28/2015 c9 Deathsythe20
Were all good man this story as well the crossover with sekirie are two of my favourite crossover fics so keep up the good work
7/28/2015 c9 3Raidentensho
nice. though, from the last saga/arc of the Naruto series I do wonder if he will awaken Ashura's chakra and it becomes a 'battle form' not unlike Asura in "Asura's Wrath"? looking forward to more. I do wonder if there will be more pieces from reikai/makai. looking forward to it and more. until then, ja ne!
7/28/2015 c9 DragonPony022
I have to say I am really happy to see a update to this story, it is far to good to not update lol. I can't wait to see what will happen next now that most of the dirt has been cleaned out of the leaf. I do wonder what has been going on with Hinata, Tenten, and the other girls we haven't see for a while. I can't wait for Hinata to feel confident enough to take a ride on Naruto. If he can knock out a demon queen I can't wait to see what he will do to a teenage virgin. She might end up fully addicted to him lol.

Anyway great chapter, can't wait to see more
7/28/2015 c9 snake1980
im so glad to see this story has been updated it been to long. great job on the new chapter im looking forward to see what tsunade will do to the civilian council now all I know its not going to end well for them. keep up the great work
7/28/2015 c9 1CosmicBeing
At least your still paying attention to them man. :-)
7/28/2015 c9 246vili
Thanks for not giving up on this story.
7/27/2015 c9 Alex2909
glad tsunade is tying up loose ends in konoha
7/27/2015 c9 Solomon Eiko
*tears of joy* you are a king among men sir T_T , you keep talking about the heaven portion of the triangle i think you should have naruto meet some Heaven people during the time skip and maybe even train with them *ex: Yusuke(dead) Genkai(dead)* maybe add one to his harem *cough* botan *cough*
7/27/2015 c9 Ronin Kenshin
great work
7/27/2015 c1 menright6
this is actually better than the original manga story line. and more interesting so far. thank you very much.
7/27/2015 c9 16Wyrtha
Nice chapter. I'm thinking Tsunade should strap Sasuke to a bed have him raped in his bed by willing volunteers to bring the clan back under responsible supervision by someone loyal to her ... and of course Naruto.
7/27/2015 c2 1TheViewer
I am so sick of people writing naruto ff where naruto grows up as naruto UZUMAKI and then find out that who his father is and desides to change his name to namikaze so easily as if his UZUMAKI heritage ment nothing. Besides there is no actual namikaze clan as minato was a orphan with no knowledge of his parents
7/27/2015 c2 Calebros
Shouldn't the Shinigami already know how Naruto was treated by the villagers? I mean people did die since his birth and until the chunnin exam (Uchiha massacre comes to mind).
7/27/2015 c3 XavierChaos
I need to know if this story is going to involve Hinata. Since it looks like it might be a harem story,
7/26/2015 c9 TheDarkFallenOneOfLight
Loving the new chapter I hope you get around to updating your other unfinished stories like you have done this one
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