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10/22/2010 c3 Seimika
you know it would be funny as hell if the unknown demon from chap 4 was jin lmao id laugh my ass off if it was him lol i loved that semi demonic wind god and his irish accent lol
10/22/2010 c4 Seimika
waitin for new chaps was a pain when it came to this story...and several of ur other stories that havent been touched in awhile. tho the new chaps are good you might wanna reread them and fix the several mistakes i have found. other then that.. cant wait to for the next chap/chaps
10/22/2010 c4 3Deathmvp
gret chapter here. I liked how the people interacted in this chapter alot. The meeting was great to read. I am also glade you are doing the movie story ace as I do like it alot.

May recomend you show Sune's councle meeting about Naruto in a up coming chapter as I do think they would at lest talk about him wether good or bad would be another story.

Thank you Namikaze09 for helping to get such a good chapter out.
10/22/2010 c4 32King of the Fallen
Love the chapter. You must update all your fics soon, ja ne.
10/22/2010 c4 7raw666
Nice update and put down of the Hyuuga and Kiba. Can't wait to see more.
10/22/2010 c4 18Hakureisaiga
Two words...kick...ass. Enough said
10/22/2010 c4 10Wonderbee31
Neatness with Tsume wanting some Naruto time, just a shame that Kiba seems to be beyond idiocy if he talks like that, and with his Mom likely really gonna tear him a new one, oh dear. Looking forward to what else Naruto gets up to next, and if Kakabaka will try something against Tsunade's orders anyway?
10/22/2010 c4 3kamikage86
Good chapter, and it looks like Tsunade, Tsume, Anko, Hana, Kurenai, Koyuki will be in the harem along with the other girls.
10/22/2010 c4 Silber D. Wolf
this great history, never stop to amaze me, the great fight and Omake fun, I'm dying to upgrade soon
10/22/2010 c4 FateBurn
great chapter please donĀ“t take as long posting the next one.
10/22/2010 c4 11The Engulfing Silence
Not bad.
10/22/2010 c4 84Jlargent
Hmm Hiashi+Thousand years of death+Demon gun=Funny as hell.
10/22/2010 c4 NuitTombee
Brilliant omake. I like the chapter very much and I hope to read more later.
10/22/2010 c4 2Ryuujin96
This was a great chapter. The thing I like most about this fic is the fact that the revenge angle in this story has been fairly subdued so far, it almost seems possible that Naruto will decide to show mercy to the village, which I am hoping for.

Because he is already traveling the path of a destroyer in your other story Demon Fox of Middle Earth, so it would be nice to see him travel the path of a protector in this story.
10/22/2010 c4 2Hades45
That was great. I like Naruto's interactions with everyone.
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