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for Demon King's Descendant

10/22/2010 c4 Gallantmon228
THAT WAS AWESOME! I will definitely be sure to give Namikaze09 his props for his assistance. But that was one awesome chapter. I can't wait for the next one. It's been while since you update any of your stories, so I am glad to see this. Keep up the awesome work man. You are definitely one of the greater authors out there, make no mistake about that.
10/22/2010 c4 15Leaf Ranger
Oh wow...Naruto has Hinata, Kyuubi, Anko, Hana, Tsume, Shizune, Tsunade, and Kurenai drooling voer him. Excellent.

Nice chapter man. Very nice. I love it when you update.
10/9/2010 c3 30Manga154

i would say let the Naruto/Hinata pare become officile, then introduct another female, not Kyuubi (Yet) Maby The Dog girl, (I dont know name.) then Anko (maybe) Let Kyuubi And Hinata's teacher (Forgot that name too) have a little thing going for a chapter or two then join Naruto and the others


same thing as #1 but have Hinata's teacher join first, and then Anko And Kyuubi


Forget i said anything and let this story go where you brain/hart take you. it an amazing story, and so are many other you have.
10/5/2010 c3 cjl1995
great chap update soon
10/4/2010 c2 Matthew Blackheart
10/2/2010 c1 Hideyoshi 26
great story
10/1/2010 c3 6T-Biggz
Can't wait to see the rest of the Harem members. Also I'm kinda hoping that Gai gets some cause he's one of the only Male Jounin I respect becides Zabuza. And since the latter has 'expired' in your story, I feel the need to express this injustice.

9/28/2010 c3 7Twin Silver Dragon
ok... HEHEHEHEHEHEHE pimp Naruto! BTW loved the hyuuga bit. can't wait to see what you do with this! Laters!
9/28/2010 c3 Silber D. Wolf
this great story, I had never read a story so incredible in this cross, I'm dying to know who will follow, I hope you update soon
9/28/2010 c3 2reven228
For ideas... Try to re create the YYH series but in naruto. I'm sure that at some point, the demons had mates, thus their powers could pass down. So if you want, gather your fab YYH charecters (there were demon shinobi like Jin and touya. Plus Hiei has that sword and speed thing going.), and go have yourself a dark tournament." (toguro and genkai had children when they were young, then they left and had their own children. So tecnacaly, there could be a toguro and genkai, yet stronger.)
9/28/2010 c1 2Ryuujin96
This is pretty much my favorite story that you have written so far.

I loved how Naruto/Raizen completely destroyed Neji an then slaughtered both Orochimaru and the Sandaime, it was awesome and one sided, which was why I liked both beat downs most likely.
9/28/2010 c3 Dmygo
Impressive. But I think Naruto hasn't shown his true skills and abilities yet. A mission, cannon or not, should do the trick. The question is, is this a team seven bashing or are they actually going to get stronger with him. Is he gonna stand at the top of the mountain or is there someone else waiting for him to throw off. Is this a harem plot or is there acutally beings out there stronger than him that he will have to take down and beat within an inch of there lives. Or will Naruto actually be humbled by another. A lot of these stories come out with a alot of potential but there is really no other point then to make a Naruto a stud. The question is what are you gonna do about it.
9/27/2010 c3 Gallantmon228
Hey man. Naruto is a lucky bastard isn't he? Love your work, all of it. I think that the one that I have read the most would be: Uzumaki Naruto: SOLDIER of Konoha, followed shortly afterward by Namikaze Sephirtoh's Reurn. The more recently read ones are this one and your Lord of the rings crossover. Both are very good in their own rights. You are a very good author, and I enjoy your work immensely. I especially like the FemKyuubi in Demon King's Descendant because I like Naruto/FemKyuubi the best. I am pretty sure that I have told you that already somewhere, somewhen. Anyway, keep up the awesome work, update soon and have a good one. You are definitely one of the best. GO VFSNAKE!
9/25/2010 c3 OneInvictus
great story
9/25/2010 c3 Mystery Brown Guy
what about naruto fixing anko's seal? since snake face is dead... his influence should be diminished, right?

you could play into kabuto taking over the sound village and play around with the sasuke "kidnapping" thing again


work on naruto's training a little...

what about naruto starting his own village?
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