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for Demon King's Descendant

9/19/2010 c2 40lord Martiya
Good one. But when will we know what Shinigami is doing the job?
9/18/2010 c2 2Hades45
Very nice. I look forward to more.
9/18/2010 c2 7dragonshaun9
i think i'm gonna love this one. dammit snake, you're gonna OD me on awesome.
9/18/2010 c2 18Psudocode Samurai

I'm working on the next bit for Forever myself, kinda sick it took me so long to do so :P

It was an entertaining chapter mate. Currently there are very few that are really trying for Naruto's sake, that will come back to bite them, though I would think that, seeing as Lee likes Naruto, that Gai would follow suit, then again it may just not be shown yet, or he and others are under orders. But who knows what goes on his in head.

Or his eyebrows...
9/18/2010 c2 NuitTombee
Just as good as the rest of your fic's. Keep up the good work and I hope to read more soon.
9/18/2010 c2 3Deathmvp
great work on this chapter. I loved how naruto set up the team to get Fire lord. Also if it does get brought up Naruto used less force the Sasuke to stop him since Sasuke was using leathal and Naruto just diabled him. Naruto can even pull he did not bring it up since it would make "a clan" lose face and in turn make the village lose face for a losser. I know in Japan lossing face can be worst then death at times.
9/18/2010 c2 3Raidentensho
you are the king of bash fics my friend. i so can't wait for more of this masterpiece in the making. until then, ja!
9/18/2010 c2 15Leaf Ranger
Ahhh, excellent. The harem rises to two confirmed. FemKyuubi and Hinata.

I still hope Tayuya gets in your small hrem, though I udnerstand if she doesn't.

Excellent chapter. Very good.
9/18/2010 c2 10Wonderbee31
Good section, and looks like Kak's gonna do something more stupid than usual before it's all over with, and will look forward to just how bad his punishment is.
9/18/2010 c1 Lesto Vetrois

Please continue! This fanfic is awesome! :DD

Don't Ever Stop Writting! Please! :D

9/18/2010 c1 11Skelo
love it. keep it up!
9/17/2010 c1 Lich Kings True Demon
this gonna be another NaruHarem fic or no pairings?
9/17/2010 c1 DragonOfChallenges
awsom, cant wait for the next chapter, jiraiya and konoha see what happens when you lie to tsunade about family(shiver) now thats scary(manical laughter) is this gonna be a harem?
9/17/2010 c1 Trey of the rebellion
holy fu(ck this story is the sh!t on steroids, youve outdone yourself once again Hebi-sama
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