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for Demon King's Descendant

3/17/2020 c3 15SilentSnowLeopardNinja
This one's fun too! But...why Namikaze clan instead of Uzumaki?
3/16/2020 c9 Guest
Great when the next chapter
2/10/2020 c2 12Esmereilda
it will be interesting to see if they meet any of the chars from yyh and while he is yuusuke's descendent his personality while similar to yuusuke's in some respects is closer to kurama or hiei's in others
2/10/2020 c1 Esmereilda
its obvious he's yuusuke's descendant he's got yuusuke's loyalty nerve and devil may care attitude
9/10/2019 c1 Xud10a
What the hell why isn’t there a damn fanfic where naruto kills neji but no every fanfic I read has neji loving because naruto doesn’t want to make Hinata sad. So goddamn stupid it’s like he can’t do anything for himself and has other people control him
8/14/2019 c9 9Fanficlover2017
I love this fic! Why didn't you continue it? Please update soon!
8/12/2019 c9 zero fullbuster
love the story.
please update your naruto stories soon.
7/28/2019 c9 fluttershywinde
Wish this had more chapters
7/16/2019 c2 hh
this naruto is so emo
5/28/2019 c9 Well
You sure do like Suigetsu. By the way, hows your worthless cunt of a mother? She still giving out the ol' sucky sucky? Oh what am I saying, of course she is. Pussy and all. Full course treatment. And the bonus for her? If she gets knocked up, she'll finally have the child she dearly wished for, since you are obviously a mistake. Oh how she cried over the missed opportunity to abort you.
5/28/2019 c8 Wow
You really like that Kaguya fellow huh? Is it because you saw your mother getting boned by the local bully? Well, if you have such a fetish for bones, then how about you got to the nearest public trash bin, find a chicken bone, and go fuck yourself with it right up your ass. Hehe
5/25/2019 c9 1gabelou1991
J'aime beaucoup.
4/27/2019 c9 fluttershywinde
Wish this had more chapters
3/22/2019 c1 robert kruase
when Naruto had get his money form both his mom and dad now and was looking for some new lands to put a new body huther co offices and men cave bed room into when looking into the old red lights part of the vaillge when he find a old bar he get and made into his working co now and was working on took out mob boss and mia and ex ninjas and s-class bad guys and woman like too ,when Naruto had get it big now he get the old unlg d a bar he get now and running it now , his old tame and pas keep into it now money form the bar is came to it now , when others think of doing it as new art into it but some who kown Naruto will put his foot down and he saying to it both a bar and my own office guys , when walk ing into it now the old misfes and ion seeing it seeing he right about it when others like chuuns had to keep offices with each other Naruto took his working with him and was to used it now men cave /books room and why was his now ,
3/22/2019 c9 11GameDemonKing
I think that when you have the next chapter there should be a few more elements from Yu Yu Hakusho added for the story. One of the things that I liked from the earlier chapters was having a Wendigo as an enemy so that example should be explored on creating more enemies like that.

Since you have Tenten as a possible girlfriend for Naruto she should get an energy weapon that is similar to Kuwabara but it would be the result of being with Naruto and that his presence has unlocked that ability for her to do so.

Another idea that could work for the story is to have as I stated with Tenten that Naruto's presence creates a lot of possibilities with some people. Lee would benefit from this because perhaps he went in the wrong way that instead of him being unable to use chakra he can use spirit energy which he could be a spirit Detective and become the foil for Naruto's demon heritage.
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