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4/17/2014 c8 mariana
omg :o i love that story im crying you are a great writer :3
1/25/2014 c11 6Black-Rose23
I thought it was a great story of them as a couple, I especially like how it's not all sunshine and roses but they still work through it. Sad that Tyler died though, I'll admit I cried when I read that part.
2/13/2013 c1 me
But camille is a kid
7/20/2012 c12 Brendaa Floress
I think that's a great way to end a story! (: loved it
1/3/2012 c12 6Hersheygirl102
9/6/2011 c12 Hannah
9/6/2011 c4 hannah
i am seriously in love with this soooo you can't stop. they are so cute this is the best story ever
7/14/2011 c8 131hopelessromantic
OMG I so thought anala and Jason were together but this is the first fic I read that channeled that. I luv it. I'm not a great writer and don't have a lot of time. So if you now of any other fics that are bout them could you message me. Thx I'm like obssesed with them.
6/8/2011 c4 verybiggalaxies
6/8/2011 c11 verybiggalaxies
the xmas scene made me CRY!
6/7/2011 c1 verybiggalaxies
awesome! moose is FIT!
4/21/2011 c12 1x-Whizzified-Magic-x
Awww, I think that's the best place to leave it. I love the story regardless. I can't wait for your new story in the future. I have a few up my sleeve myself. =D
4/20/2011 c12 1Coose fan
Ah sad to see it finish but the last chapter was so good as was the whole story.Have been following your other story with kate emma and cannot wait to read whatever you write next about Moose and Camille. They are my favourite two characters. Didnt really like luke/nathalie in the film and I hope Moose and Camille in next film.Anyways cannot wait to read your next story and hope it is soon.
3/30/2011 c11 1XxRawr.means.I.Love.youXx
I loved it: D soooo much! Update soon kay!
2/2/2011 c11 7TurtleMoose19
Update! Pleasepleaseplease

PS I love Moose omigod he rocks okay update...
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