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for In My Arms

5/4/2013 c1 kenna
My favorite plumb song is Cut. I'm obsessed with that song!
8/29/2011 c1 1TeamAliceForever
Awesome story! I teared up a little bit towards the end :) Good story though, great job :)
9/19/2010 c1 5Bamabelle1991
wonderful story!

you DID make me cry though^^
9/18/2010 c1 gone1.gone2.gone3
nawww thats so sweeeeet! I loved it ;)
9/16/2010 c1 46Kei Jones
That was really sweet. Phew, glad Sue is okay, shame she lost the baby. But...it gives Leah time to forgive her mother.

Good job as always!
9/16/2010 c1 7hilja
The letter had me in tears. i'm so glad Leah was able to start mending her relationship with her mother.

Lydia was so sweet, and loved Jake's and Leah's relationship.
9/16/2010 c1 brankel1
I totally loved it.
9/16/2010 c1 19FantasyLover74
9/16/2010 c1 o0FLAM3S0o
Love it
9/16/2010 c1 honeygirl25
yes you made me cry and left me hangin i want more there arent alot of fics about leah & sue i dont know why but there should be more their great together and i love plumb one of my fav bands and lydia is on my future baby names list has been since i was in high school luv it anyway u should write more of this it was great bittersweet
9/15/2010 c1 10sentinel10
Aww~ww that was really sweet and beautiful! Poor Sue and Charlie.

Lydia is very cute! She's such a smart little girl for her age! Hehe I can just imagine the type of hell she would put Leah and Jake through!
9/15/2010 c1 Jacobleah
Really nice. I loved Lydia - she seemed so real to me like she could really be Jake and Leah's daughter- the way she talked, her attitude. I really liked Jake and Leah's relationship- very mature, great partnership. Storyline was sad but ended with hope.

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