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7/6/2016 c1 13Dramamama5
well, how about that. I found one I hadn't read already. Nicely done!
9/14/2014 c1 10Claire.CZ
This story is amazing, full of emotions... Maybe she can stay longer than one day...
2/1/2013 c1 18SnoopGirl69
That was amazing! One of the best analysis' of Callen I have read.
8/17/2012 c1 Shaz1
Ah that was beautiful! Thank you for sharing x
6/8/2012 c1 wotumba1
good, glad he found someone
5/31/2012 c1 annonymous
the last paragraph was written so well. It was so beautiful...
3/30/2011 c1 4Katie'sMomma
Love it!
11/30/2010 c1 1ExodusBeteNoire
Wonderful! Callen was written perfectly.
10/25/2010 c1 Mishelle20
Great fic.
9/17/2010 c1 22NCISMcGee
So happy to hear there are others out there who just don't see the Callen/Kensi thing! And Kensi/Nate? Absolutely!

Well, great story, I love Callen angst. Nice read. And thanks for the image of a sweaty, shirtless Callen...sigh.

Keep up the great writing!

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