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3/28/2011 c9 19nick2951
Nice escape by Kallen and am glad that she is with Lelouch since he will need all the loyal people he can get. Update soon!
3/17/2011 c9 MTSBandNerd2012
AWESOME! can't wait for chapter 10!
2/24/2011 c9 1Jarjaxle
This is Rather interesting Story. Plz update as soon as Possible.

So now Kallen Knows That Lelouch Alive, He is Going Back, Earth and Empire are in War and Shit will soon hit the Fan Badly.

1/31/2011 c9 2Ragez
Fantastic work!

But why is Rex so insistant on following orders?
1/31/2011 c9 16animefan29
Wouldn't it have been better if Lelouch had used his Geass for more than just making people leave? I mean he intends to fight a war against an enemy with many unknowns against him (even with everything that Ahsoka told him). It doesn't have to be something like "Obey Me", it could be something similar those sleeper agent commands like he did to bring down the Tokyo Settlement. Or he could try to bring the members of the command crew under his command, thus making the ship his. It not like he has to hide anything.

By the way, maybe you mentioned this before but does tech is involved in the Guren? Is it the 9th Generation version with the Energy wings or did it get downgraded to the 8th Generation Flight Enabled type because of the era of peace?
1/30/2011 c9 1OBSERVER01
hell yeah!the true Zero will rise again.wont ahsoka be surprised. ALL HAIL LELOUCH!
1/30/2011 c9 7deactivatedaccount0987656789

this is getting so good.
1/29/2011 c9 9Robo Reader 21
NO NO NO NO NONONONnonono! Too many loose threads! TOO MANY LOOSE THREADS!

Rex was a liability from the beginning ESPECIALLY after he heard everything Lelouch said. That is such an amaturish mistake Lelouch would never make. He should have Geass Rex to obey him from the beginning. And those three officers should have been ordered to cause a commotion till they die to cover their escape in turn also Kallens escape.

I am almost hyperventalating here by these mistakes.

I liked how it ended but stilll... AHHHH!
1/29/2011 c9 29SulliMike23
Well...this will be interesting. I wonder how Suzaku will feel about this.
1/1/2011 c8 1Thorfaxdragonkin
Very nice
12/30/2010 c8 2Ragez
Wow! This was a pretty good chapter!

Keep it up!
12/27/2010 c8 16animefan29
Well this chapter brings to mind several questions about their individual powers. First Lelouch's Geass, why does it seem to be as it was when he first got it? Should it still always be active and in both of his eyes, shielded only by a set of special contacts? And with Ahsoka's and Kole's power over the force they should be able to sense if he is lying or not. As stated in the expanded universe of Star Wars, the more familiar a Jedi is with a particular species, the easier it is for them sense that creature's emotions and intentions. I know its downplayed in the Star War Clone Wars series but so are a lot of the less direct Force abilities.

And to what "ships" was Lelouch referring to in that last scene?
12/26/2010 c8 14nanoman79
I kind of think I know what Lelouch is planning. Whatever it is it had better have lots of Lelouch flair to it. Keep up the good work.
12/26/2010 c8 29SulliMike23
So Lelouch has shown the Jedi the power of his Geass. Makes me wonder if they can be affected by it at all. I hope Kallen manages to get away too. But from the looks of things, the Empire is going to conquer Earth; but not at the rate Vader was expecting. Unless of course, Lelouch comes out of hiding and uses his tactical brilliance against the Galactic Empire.
12/23/2010 c8 1OBSERVER01
quite interesting.keep it up
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