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for Star Wars: Dark Reunion

12/22/2010 c8 Sithis
please continue this fanfiction it is a very well righten story.
12/22/2010 c7 Sithis
if vader hadnt taken the guren i think his forces would be up shit creak with a paddle but with out a boat.
12/22/2010 c5 Sithis
That line is purely epic
12/22/2010 c2 Sithis
Very nice so far it has already sucked me in
12/22/2010 c1 Sithis
How much do you want to bet that at least one of the workers shit his pants?
12/17/2010 c8 9Robo Reader 21
It happens to everyone. Look at a few of my stories, I just through these things together for fun and now I have to make a good story flow for it.
12/15/2010 c7 Trife
Good chapter. I am wondering why they would aim for the heads on the ATATs when the legs are much more vulnerable to missile fire and a lot less armored compared to the head. If I am not mistaken since this is post black rebellion and post requiem should they not be equipped with the energy weapons that I seen on the series around that time and with the Empress there in Japan the knights of round should be there to as they are the guard for the current king/queen as well as elite troops that I know have a lot of extremely powerful energy based weapons. Looks good though. Please update soon!

12/15/2010 c5 Trife
Good chapter. Though I will admit I think Kallen was to forthcoming with information as she provided a lot of extra detail that she could have kept quiet about while at the same time answering their questions with just listing the names of the super powers cause if they use the information they just gained they can now pick off the weakest then the second weakest and finally the strongest using the info she gave.

12/13/2010 c7 2Ragez
Great job!
12/12/2010 c7 16animefan29
Well I didn't really notice any mistakes, except for this one grammar mistake where you used "their" where you should have used "they're" when describing some rocks.

Glad you used that weakness of the AT-AT's. And you are making sure to keep track of the number of weapons and soldiers available to both sides right? By my count the Imperials, since they have two Venators and an Imperial, should have roughly a thousand starfighters, easily over a hundred assault ground vehicles, perhaps a hundred gunships (LAAT/i's if they are still in use in your story, maybe the assault gunboats and skipray blastboats that would eventually come into service with the Empire), and about 13,700 infantry. And lets not forget that Venators can enter the atmosphere and land on planets so they can be introduced into the fight as mobile heavy artillery.

Good chapter, though it leaves you wondering where Lelouch is.
12/12/2010 c7 9Robo Reader 21
A Maser Vibration Sword could cut the hull of an AT-AT. From what I've read of the wiki only the legs are reinforced with durasteel so its possible to strike at the head of the beast and not be impared by strong armor plating.

Tohdoh should definatly have an Maser Sword considering his knightmare was destroyed in the final battle. Wouldn't be hard to believe that the Maser tech became standard on all of Japans knightmares either phasing out the Revolving Blade Sword.

I can already invision what is going to happen to Rex.
12/12/2010 c7 29SulliMike23
I was expecting the battle to turn out like this. Still, the Imperials are gonna be in for some surprises around the globe.
12/7/2010 c6 2Ragez
Great work!
12/2/2010 c6 Sylvishius
awsome story update soon
11/22/2010 c6 14nanoman79
I thought I had written a review for this story, but I guess I was wrong. Nice work up until this point. Can't wait to see the first encounter between Lelouch and Vader. At some point I hope that Lelouch retakes the persona of Zero. I would be awesome to see the real Zero facing off against Darth Vader. Geass may not work on Vader but it should work on all those around him.
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