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11/19/2010 c6 cronas the man
great chapter
11/19/2010 c6 16animefan29
Just a little note on Imperial walkers, even an AT-TE (the shortest of the group), stands over the standard Knightmare Frame (AT-TE:5.32 meters tall, AT-ST:8.6 meters, AT-AT:22.5 meters, Akatsuki:4.49 meters tall).

Also, you misspelled "Fuji." And I don't see Lelouch going "Well...um..." I think a guy like Lelouch would have several explanations (lies) for something trivial such as why they live in the middle of nowhere. It could be as simple as "I prefer to live away from crowds." Actually I gotta ask why are they living in a cave? Couldn't Lelouch have prepared a cabin in the middle of the woods for such eventualities?

Anyway aside from those three things I thought this was a good chapter.
11/19/2010 c6 29SulliMike23
The invasion has begun. But the Imperials won't get Nunnaly so easily.
11/19/2010 c6 8Robo Reader 21
The 501 legion comes in and Lelouch Geass them.

It will be like an homage to the first episode.

Those ships can not be allowed to leave.

Especially the one with the Kallen and the Guren.
11/13/2010 c5 4ElektrikRage
Nice story, it's very well written :D

Can't wait to see what will happen next, particularily, the fights! One question, however: will Lelouch gear up with an awesome mech, and fight as well? And will he take up the persona of Zero once more, (even though Suzaku is Zero now)?
11/3/2010 c5 1Rc1212
Awesome story idea, looking forward to more!
11/2/2010 c5 19nick2951
That was a great interaction between Vader and Kallen; now I am really looking forward to seeing what happens to the rest of the Black Knights- I'd love to see Vader using the Force on Ohgi and Suzaku.

Update soon!
11/2/2010 c5 wardragon
hope there will be some cool force power like in force unleshed
11/2/2010 c5 cronas the man
hope the you update soon
11/2/2010 c5 16animefan29
A war? With the Empire's resources that won't last long.
11/1/2010 c5 29SulliMike23
Woah boy, now Kallen knows how it feels to be in a Force Grip. Keep it coming.
11/1/2010 c5 8Robo Reader 21
Kallen talked a bit too much there. You should probably edit that a bit.

I hope to see some genius Lelouch plan in the future. That was the main appeal in the anime, the mechs were second and I am hard-core mecha fanatic.
10/19/2010 c4 19nick2951
Kallen going before Darth Vader; now that will be cool to read.

I am also looking forward to him staring down the Black Knights as well as Suzaku.

Update soon!
10/19/2010 c4 Trife
Interesting start though I must say with the sucky arse skill that you had kallen have. I must say that my faith in this stoy has been damaged. But I guess I will wait and see how this goes. Please make it good and please update soon!

10/13/2010 c4 The Blind Sentry
I like your story and hope you continue it.

I like the premise and am curious as to how you will handle the power balance between star wars andcode geass.
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