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for Strangers at Drakeshaugh

12/27/2022 c39 Chris
What a wonderful story. As a Durham family, I thoroughly enjoyed this over the Christmas holiday. Thank you for writing this and sharing your world :D
8/17/2022 c39 Guest
Almost 4 years since you have written anything, or are you on another site? More important, are you alright?
8/9/2022 c39 1Lyn31
what a trip! I enjoy it!
7/7/2022 c39 Noonie
Just finished a reread and the foreshadowing of Michael being Confunded makes a lot more sense now. I also caught a lot more almost-slipups from the Potters and family as they try to hide magic from their Muggle neighbors. A delight to revisit this story!
5/9/2022 c39 SonntagMorgen27
Thisbwas brilliant! Thanks for all the detailed information about the life of this bunch! I really hoped for Henry doing accidental magic in the last chapter!
3/20/2022 c38 The Teen That Reads
Either that jasmine commenter is going through a very nasty break or had just discovered activism.

Your pick
1/5/2022 c39 Gubbar
Just to let you know some of your fans are still checking in every now and then with some small hope you would have found some inspiration and time for writing. :)

All the best and happy new 2022
9/5/2021 c39 2Lord Dobby Black
Read the story for the second time. Really enjoyed it again!
Also, Jasmine from the reviews seriously need to chill. She must be a fun person to be around..
8/13/2021 c1 Guest
6/6/2021 c7 oefvskoiS
well, I did start reading this for the Potter family but I like Jacqui's family as well. A lot
6/6/2021 c6 oefvskoiS
Putting Mary into her place was certainly entertaining. What a petty world we live in, assessing people by the material things they own. It's disgusting really. And I don't mean your story if course I spoke generally. Your story is very intriguing but I can't wait for POVs to shift. I want to read more about Harry and Ginny being parents.
6/6/2021 c3 oefvskoiS
oh, Annie is so cute.
6/6/2021 c2 oefvskoiS
I love that Harry drives a motorcycle. Absolutely love it.
So the stranger's POV is an interesting way of writing and storytelling but I hope this story includes more of our beloved character's POVs rather than the stranger's.
5/16/2021 c39 xfel
What a lovely story!
5/16/2021 c20 xfel
I really like how you portrayed the magical law enforcement here. Enough magic to feel magical, enough familiar things from crime stories to feel realistic. I particularily like the Mapping. Gives the impression that the wizards are (finally!) capitalizing on new developments.
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