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for Strangers at Drakeshaugh

6/6/2021 c3 oefvskoiS
oh, Annie is so cute.
6/6/2021 c2 oefvskoiS
I love that Harry drives a motorcycle. Absolutely love it.
So the stranger's POV is an interesting way of writing and storytelling but I hope this story includes more of our beloved character's POVs rather than the stranger's.
5/16/2021 c39 xfel
What a lovely story!
5/16/2021 c20 xfel
I really like how you portrayed the magical law enforcement here. Enough magic to feel magical, enough familiar things from crime stories to feel realistic. I particularily like the Mapping. Gives the impression that the wizards are (finally!) capitalizing on new developments.
5/13/2021 c39 AG
Great story, kept me riveted till the end, absolutely loved it. One of the biggest on this page, and glad that the story is complete :)
5/4/2021 c1 1Christiiana
Why is that Jasmine girl in the reviews so pressed LOL. She’s blowing things wayyyy out of proportion
4/18/2021 c12 rabbitluver999
I like the story but omg if someone was that into my family I would be more forward about it she like stalker of sorts
4/5/2021 c5 Homarid
Great start to the story. I'm enjoying the characters and how natural and detailed it all feels. I see why so many people appreciate your work. The type of story so far makes me think 'Slice of life', which is code for boring unfortunately. I'll try some more chapters in case something interesting happens.
3/12/2021 c28 1MakhaiArcanum
The bit about tig/tag/tuggy was really interesting. When I was little it was some unholy combination of all three. You would say ‘tag’ when you tagged people, but it was called ‘tiggy’.

(Also wanted to tell you that I really like this story, especially how you have the authors working)
3/1/2021 c1 9hemerocallis
Well written and a promising start.
12/15/2020 c1 1MsCalypso

I just browsed through your reviews, for no reason at all actually, and I noticed a whole lot of reviews by a Jasmine who seems to think you have written the world's greatest womanhating character in the history of fanfiction. This review is to deny that fact categorically. As a woman myself, I have always been amazed by your lifelike characters and personae. I regularly reread most of your fics because your writing feels like coming home. Mike and Jackie's relationship is so real, you can almost feel it. There is nothing problematic about how your men are written and honestly, I hope you keep on writing fanfiction so that I have something to read on a cold, rainy day. (So if you could continue James and Me, you would be very kind.)

Kind regards
12/14/2020 c1 SarahOlivier
James had black hair like Harry
12/8/2020 c39 Jeremy North
Lol. Someone is triggered. I loved this story. It’s well written and I would love to see more about the two families as the children grow. It would be wonderful for Henry to show magic and attend hogwarts with James.
12/7/2020 c34 Jasmine

That girl was written to be sixteen.


Your "good husband" character is leering at, sexualizing, and objectifying a LITERAL CHILD. This is PEDOPHILE TERRITORY.

Why on earth do you think it is "funny" to sexualize a child!?
12/7/2020 c34 Jasmine
"It's an old joke of Mike's. Any busty woman he sees is "Norma". If anyone asks how he knows, he'll gleefully tell them that her surname is "Snockers". It's a really terrible pun, and not exactly PC, and he knows it. He grinned at me. I shook my head in despair. Sometimes, he's simply incorrigible."

This is absolutely, irredeemably, abusive and disgusting.

You have written an abusive man who sees women not as peolle, but solely as sex objects to be leered at. You have written him as an abusive piece of shit over and over and over again, and every time you try to pass it off for laughs. You try to pass him off as a "good man," a "good father," and a "good husband." HE IS NONE OF THOSE THINGS. HE IS A PIECE OF SHIT.

This is so fucked up. I feel so sorry for you. If a real 'mike" is in your life, please know that you are being abused and you need to leave.
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