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7/5 c32 Isao84
Loved the story! Thank you so much for it.
5/23 c10 JD Thorn
Isn’t Maggie McGil a Jim Morrison song? Clever! And I think there’s feelings on both sides, but she’s reluctant, but I don’t think she should be. As far as Jacob goes, he doesn’t deserve to be mayor, so I hope the scandal ruins him.
1/17 c32 CoppertopJ
Freaking perfect! Loved this!
9/20/2022 c32 Secretrevenge
This has to be one of my favorite Edwards. Fun story
7/10/2022 c32 13Elle Whitecap
Glad he finally pulled his head out of his azz.
6/12/2022 c32 Vamps09
Great story! Thanks for writing!
6/5/2022 c11 Guest
E & B are two hurt people, from previous relationships, trying to work it out.
6/5/2022 c7 Guest
I don’t like the way Esme dismissed Edward at the hospital without knowing the full story.
5/10/2021 c32 Patriciadiane
loved it
thank you
5/10/2021 c31 Patriciadiane
Vengence, please punish Jacob...
5/10/2021 c30 Patriciadiane
Sue needs to come through...
5/10/2021 c29 Patriciadiane
Jacob needs to suffer. Please make it so.
5/10/2021 c28 Patriciadiane
Great chapter
I love Alex, Zander, he is the best
5/10/2021 c27 Patriciadiane
Mason laid it all out for sure. Edward heard it, right?
5/10/2021 c26 Patriciadiane
Alice is a piece of work
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