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11/1/2016 c17 1Olivarry8669
I love it i hope you add to it soon i can't wait to see how it ends
10/20/2016 c17 10HufflePuffPatronus
Hi I just want u to know ur really talented and this fic is really good, I hope you update.x
11/28/2015 c17 7SuferGurl180
Is this story completed? If not when will you take to writing again? I really enjoy this story and hope you write more soon
10/8/2014 c17 7ArizonaDreamParis
I wasn't into this pairing until I read this and now I also have to check out all the Jyler stories, you ruined me... Thank you! ;)

Please continue this, pretty please, it's pretty fucking great :)
5/19/2014 c17 Guest
Please finish, its really good!
10/11/2013 c7 sterekdrarry
Stupid Mason, I Really don't like him. I don't see what Tyler does is any of his business, he's his uncle not his father. Tyler can do what ever he damn well please. I'd tell Mason to mind his own business and to stay out of his.
10/9/2013 c17 sterekdrarry
This is really good. I just love them together and I hope this ends with them together. I do hope you decide to finish this one day.
11/26/2012 c17 Akarsha
Wow... What can I say. Amazing writing. I love the way you have ingrained your story into the show. You have managed to keep the characters very true to life (even if Jeremy and Tyler are not really gay in the show).

I have really enjoyed the developement of their relationship and am eagerly awaiting your next few chapters.

Please hurry in your writing. I cant wait to read what happens next.
11/3/2012 c17 gatinha
Just found this and had to read everything at once! Lovely story :) But then I saw that it last updated in 2011...hope you didn't give up on this as it's certainly one of the best Jyler fics out there!
10/9/2012 c17 1Meddy88
Beautiful story.
I like your style and you described Jeremy and Tyler perfectly.
Very good job!
2/29/2012 c17 PassionPunch
are u ever gonna update
12/18/2011 c17 8sirrtimm
so very good. thanks for sharing =)
12/5/2011 c17 16damons-hot-as-hell
i soooooo want more i love this
11/5/2011 c17 Timm
I LOVE THIS STORY! The Touch-Verse has to be the best Jyler story I've read so far!
7/19/2011 c17 isipare

i would love to read this story but before that i would like to know if you will finish it or not :D

because scent and out were really addicting and it would be really frustrating to start this fic without any hope to see it finished :D

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