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for The Sock Thief

9/20/2021 c1 blatherwock
Fun one shot!
3/16/2016 c1 Guest
I love it! I like the idea of "Detective Grindelwald." Albus should graduate and become his detective partner and they should solve wizard crimes together!
1/14/2013 c1 4princessofwarriors
You know how Aberforth Dumbledore is said to have cast inappropriate charms on a goat. What if those charms were dancing charms or flying charms and he was using these goats to make a statement at Hogwarts or the ministry. He is Albus Dumbledores brother, just because he became barkeep doesn't mean he wasn't smart and if he was cought by Gellert it could explain why he didn't like him. Especially if Gellert covered it up and Abe resented it. Have fun. Oh! I think it would be nice if you could maybe explain why the house elf let itself take the fall.
11/4/2012 c1 shine lots
Oh good lord! ROFL so bad! The story is fantastic, and has such a peculiar summary.
7/24/2011 c1 3TangerineTea
That's adorable! Oh, Dumbledore XD 3
12/27/2010 c1 1MIS-MATCHED SOCKS
I loved this fic! hahahah, I was giggling throughout the whole story. I would love to read about Albus receiving his socks.
9/22/2010 c1 13Falcon's Jade
Cracktastic! I like it! Socks ^^

Another mystery, well we know Dumbledore, there's socks, and than theres the obsession with muggle sweets that probably would blow most wizards' minds!
9/19/2010 c1 1Flying Tunamonger
Haha I actually kind of enjoyed this and the idea of Gellert as a detective for the British Ministry. You managed to keep them pretty well in character, and despite the admittedly silly premise, it didn't devolve into pointless crackfic, so good job :D

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