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7/8/2012 c18 RadioWrites
Maxx is an alien? I think I love you. Have a cookie! *gives cookie*
7/7/2012 c18 10xxmelusinexx
7/7/2012 c18 101Vilinye
I don't mind edits, nor changes in the story. Well, that makes things tricksy, doesn't it? At least it explains the physic energy.
7/7/2012 c17 Guest
You're back! :-)
I thought you had abandoned this.
7/7/2012 c18 Guest
hey i realy glad this is being updated again and i cant wait to read some more
7/7/2012 c17 Guest
thank you for coming back to continue writing this as I really love reading stories about Sarah Jane with the doc and wish there was more out there of a younger (teen) Sarah Jane hope that you get the results you deserve for all you hard work
7/5/2012 c17 Sol3Bug
SQUEEEE! I'm so happy you are back! As usual, I loved this chapter... I can't even pick out the best parts because the whole chapter is the best! I love how the TARDIS and Sarah Jane are so in sync with each other...

Will be looking forward to the next chapter, don't care how long because it will be worth the wait!
7/5/2012 c17 SonataEternal
Wonderful chapter per usual, keep it up because this is an amazing story.
7/4/2012 c17 heyaaaa
Yay you updated! I love this story. Please update soon.
7/3/2012 c17 10xxmelusinexx
That's going to be very awkward for Maxx and Sarah when this is all over. Still a great story.
7/2/2012 c17 23loulouflowerpower
love it, update really soon
7/2/2012 c17 51Spydurwebb
Glad to see a new chapter, I was worried it might've been abandoned. Welcome back! :)
7/2/2012 c17 Guest
"Ready to loose, Smith?" -Um, I do believe you mean "lose," and obviously she isn't. And I'm so glad to see this back, after waiting so long for new chapters. Please, more?
7/2/2012 c17 4sjsmatee101
Yaaaaaayy! I love it! Yes she won the race! Brilliant! Aww poor Maxx! It just makes me love him more he's so sweet! Awwwww! Thank you for updating! I know I'm being a bit full on but I just live this story so I'm feeling pretty good right now! Woohoo can't wait for the next update! :)
7/2/2012 c17 95Marzi
Still here :)
I've gone so long without updating that I have to stick with other people who are the same way..

Yay for winning the race! Uh oh for teenage girl feelings towards a boy.. that could get so awkward, so fast.
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