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for GCSE's, Boyfriends, and the Doctor

7/2/2012 c17 Guest
Seriously looking forward to more . please update soon!
6/29/2012 c16 23loulouflowerpower
love it, update really soon
6/28/2012 c16 Guest
Oh I love this story! I think I've re-read about five times now :P please please please update soon i really would love to see this this finished i think it is my favourite story out of all the fanfics I've read on the internet! Please update I don't know whether I can wait any longer I might burst! . x
2/23/2012 c16 2crazyranma
I am seriously loving this story! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE SOON!
11/27/2011 c16 bagle
Hey, this is wonderful. Since I found it, probably just after you started it I have eagerly awaited each new update. Your latest comment seems to indicate you want to give it up. Please, don't. It's wonderful. Believe me I understand the pressures of studying, but this would surely prove a good release.

Take care, keep writing.
11/6/2011 c16 51Spydurwebb
Nice chapter! Glad to see it. :)
11/5/2011 c16 RomanaLadyPresidentOfGallifrey
very good
10/31/2011 c16 3MrsDalek
Wow, you write so well! I am also trying to write some Doctor Who fanfiction, but my writing is pretty bad compared to yours :D

OMG, I love this story!

10/30/2011 c16 101Vilinye
Yeah, a new chapter! How exciting. And Sarah Jane accidentally hypnotizing someone, that's a change of pace.
10/8/2011 c15 BamBam555
wow just found this story online and LOVING IT!Well done! Can't wait for the next chapter
10/7/2011 c15 4sjsmatee101
really loving this story so far wondering what will happen with the maxx situation you know with all the new teenage hormones and stuff:P please update soon really great so far
10/5/2011 c15 49Madam'zelleG
Excellent chapter. Eagerly awaiting an update!
10/3/2011 c15 101Vilinye
The pool scene was funny, but poor Maxx-I can just see how things would go over if she tried to tell him the truth. Also loved the UNIT bits. Are you going to post more anytime soon?
10/3/2011 c15 e
morte plz realy enjoying this
10/3/2011 c15 RomanaLadyPresidentOfGallifrey
you write really well.

this is the first sarah jane adventures fanfiction i've been able to read since...well, since her death...

im not gonna be able to stop crying for 7 hours now...
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