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3/18/2011 c63 31TwilightPony21
Trying to catch up on a lot of reading and reviewing here – not sure how successful I’ll be, but I’m going to try!

I do like how you’re continuing this story with more about the character relationships. Seems like Callen is getting a chance to talk to everybody between Gibbs, Mary, and Kensi. He has become quite the relationship expert – that was a pretty heartfelt conversation between him and Kensi. I love that Callen and Sam would protect Kensi just as Grey and Marcus would protect Annabel – what a great parallel!

Also really liked your last line in this chapter: "I think if I ever hurt her … I'll let him."
3/18/2011 c63 always.theheartbeat
Aw...I like this chapter (of course). Cause it was good to see them opening up to eachother and share their worries.

And I like how there was some humor in this one too, but not too much. There was just little bits of it that gave you a tiny smile but kept the conversation serious.

I so agree with Callen - she deserves someone to take care of her. And Marcus is the ideal guy for that (he's a pretty awesome guy in general, actually).

I wouldn't have ever expected Callen to be that open with his relationship if I had just jumped to this chapter and never read anything else in this fic, I gotta say. He's changed, in a good way.

Great chapter!
3/18/2011 c63 4EmmyMK
that was quite a conversation between G and Kensi. I really liked it though, got different opinions and views on things. Good luck with the next!
3/18/2011 c63 3alix33
"Callen knocked on Kensi's door. She opened it and looked him over thoughtfully before she shook her head, just the slightest, and shrugged. "You bring beer and pizza. What do you want, Callen?" Kensi asked, standing in the doorway as if she had no intention of letting him in. Callen, on the other hand, knew that wasn't an option. He was coming in, whether she liked it or not. He would prefer an invite, but it wasn't essential. "To eat, drink and be merry," he replied lightly. Kensi shook her head. "Nope. You want to talk about Marcus." She stepped back and ushered him in. Callen grinned to himself. He'd gotten his invite. "Why do you say that?" he asked. Kensi was right. He did want to talk about Marcus. He knew her time with him in London had affected her but, as yet, he hadn't had time to sit down and talk with her. The last thing Callen wanted was for Kensi to drift back into that tough shell. He wanted her to open up, like he had seen in the hotel that night. And considering he'd opened up more than anyone recently and Kensi had witnessed that change, he was the one who was here tonight, rather than Sam. Because both of them wanted to see Kensi happy and instinct was telling them that a guy who could manage to get Kensi to a third date and still have her wanting more, had to be a good thing. Kensi rolled her eyes as if the answer was obvious. "Because in the last week and a half you haven't asked me a single question about him. The curiosity must be killing you and Sam." Not killing exactly, but it was a little distracting. Which Callen had to admit was what he needed right now with Annabel being gone and the fact that he had been on restricted duties this week. Meaning paperwork and lots of it. He was sure this was part of Hetty's subtle punishment … or protection. Sometimes it was a fine line between the two where Hetty was concerned." - Callen's thoughts on Kensi and Hetty made me laugh and go AW! there.

"Do you think now that you two are together, maybe she'll take more notice?" Kensi asked. "I'm hoping she'll quit," Callen admitted. It was the first time he'd said it out loud. He wasn't sure yet whether he would say anything to Annabel or not. He didn't really think it would be fair to ask her to quit whilst he kept himself in potentially the same kind of situation. "I don't want to watch her go through anything like that again." "You want her to quit? You turning all protective boyfriend on her?" Kensi teased a little with a grin. "Maybe," Callen agreed with a soft chuckle. "She got hurt enough protecting me. I hate seeing her like that. I just want to look after her. Strange huh?" - I totally understand why Callen is saying this, and yet a part of me feels like yelling "G Callen, you're a sexist!"
3/17/2011 c62 7sorree
Another great chapter! I love the interaction, tentative sometimes between the reunited family members. Especially the way how you portray Mary and the interest she has shown on G during his whole life, even if it was from a distance.

Thanks for the great read.
3/15/2011 c62 472Angel N Darkness
you did a great job on this chapter... love it... update soon...
3/15/2011 c62 lsaeire
Hi Nat,

WOW.. this just gets better and better


3/15/2011 c62 4EmmyMK
awww, g's feeling protective of his baby sister. that was sweet. and he's remembering more! :)
3/15/2011 c62 3alix33
"She tried to protect me from her's but I knew.' - "protect me from hers".

"Then he pulled the triggered and it hurt so much more than before." - "pulled the trigger".

"She made come down myself." - "She made me come down myself."

"he smiled. He just has his first real conversation with his little sister. And … it had been a pretty good one at that." - The bookcase story was awesome. I did not learn practical stuff like that and things that might involve balance until I was almost nine, because I was born with foreshortened Achilles tendons (which was not diagnosed until I was eight and corrected when I was eight and a half). Before that, I could barely walk without falling at lest once a day, since my heels were not all that good at touching the ground and nor did I have any balance until the thing was corrected (but by that time, the ballet teacher had already asked my mom to remove me because I just could do none of the stuff she tried to teach). And my balance is still somewhat screwy and because of that, some nights I am convinced I will fall down the outdoor stairs walking up to my flat on the third floor of my building...and some nights, even getting down the stairs at work is a similar challenge, to the extent that I have developed a superstition: if I do not SEE (in my mind's eye) myself falling down the stairs at work before I actually go down them, I belive that I WILL fall down them for real.
3/15/2011 c62 always.theheartbeat
Aw! That was cute! He was all comforting, and in big brother mode, and then that story about him being on the bookcase was funny. I can just picture a tiny Callen managing to acomplish all that.

Great chapter!
3/14/2011 c61 always.theheartbeat
Aw, I love the begining Annabel/Callen moment. It was simple and totally sweet. :D

Hah, not gonna lie, Gibbs' comment about the wife and kids being all that's left for Callen to complete him family made me laugh. It's something I can see happening down the road for him.

Yes! They can relax! (I'm sure I said that in the last review, buuut now they're in the process of actually relaxing).

Anyhow, great chapter!
3/14/2011 c61 sharebear1984
I love it. Great updates. So glad things are calming down. Great job. Keep up the great work. :)
3/14/2011 c61 472Angel N Darkness
you did a great job on this chapter... love it... update soon...
3/14/2011 c61 3alix33
"What other family traits should I be on the lookout for?" Callen asked with a grin. He saw her reaction and frowned. Her breath had caught and her eyes widened and he was sure he witnessed a brief flash of pain. She shook her head as if to stop herself slipping away to a memory. "Well, there is another one. You look so much like him, especially just now." Callen saw the tears gather in her eyes and one slipped down her cheek. She brushed it away quickly. "I'm sorry," she said. "Don't be. I'm sorry if it hurts you that I look like him." He didn't want to hurt her, but he couldn't do anything about the way he looked." - AW!

"Mary continued. "He looks better than in the pictures." With that her eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep, the beeping of the monitors reassuring Callen that she was just sleeping. "You showed her pictures?" Callen asked Rebecca when he finally turned away from her. Rebecca nodded. "I needed her to know what you looked like, to make sure they didn't cross your path, in case Peter was watching." "Grace didn't know who I was. Didn't you show her?" Grace answered his question before Rebecca could. "No, apparently I'm too curious for my own good. They thought I'd actually go looking for you." Grace smiled at Rebecca before turning her gaze back to Callen. "They were probably right. But I have seen a couple of my grandfather. I thought you looked familiar in the hospital but couldn't place why." - AW!

"Things with Rebecca? How are they doing?" Callen grinned a little. Gibbs was certainly cutting to the chase and asking what he wanted to know straight out. But then Gibbs had never really been one for small talk." - Hehehe, the day Gibbs DOESN'T cut to the chase, we will have Abby run every tox screen in creation on any and all of Gibbs' bodily fluids, as something serious will then be wrong.

"So looks like your family is almost complete." "Almost?" Callen queried. He had his mother, sister, niece, not to mention the rest of his surrogate family. He was pretty sure it was complete. "Wife, kids. That's about all that's left to go isn't it?" Gibbs asked, holding back a grin. Callen looked at Gibbs. The obvious astonishment on his face made clear to him by the grin the came out on Gibbs' face. "Why Jethro, are you about to go and quote the virtues and joys of marriage to me? Encourage me even?" It wasn't like the thought hadn't crossed his mind regarding Annabel. Even with the short time frame of their relationship. It would be natural progression of a relationship he wanted to last. But the suggestion coming from Gibbs, with his multiple failed marriages, was a little odd and unexpected. "Callen, with the right girl, it can be perfect." Callen knew he was thinking about Shannon. "So, do you have the right girl yet?" - AW!
3/14/2011 c61 vertigirl
i love this story more and more! i can't wait to see the relationship between G and mary and his mum!
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