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11/3/2010 c24 4coreymason
I'm behind in my reviewing and for that I apologize. It's been BUSY. You know, I normally strongly dislike OCs but you have written these characters quite well and have integrated them nicely into the story without compromising the original team. I must say that write the other original characters quite well and I would love to see you develop them as well. But as stated, you are talented miss.
11/3/2010 c24 Rose2621
This story is so awesome. I just found it, and couldn't stop reading it. I haven't had tunnel vision that bad since the Twilight Series. Thanks can't wait for more. All of you stories are awesome. Can't wait to read more of them.
11/2/2010 c24 Skyler1510
finally yay!
11/2/2010 c24 always.theheartbeat
Oooh, nice fight scene! It was great, don't worry 'bout it.

Anyway! Sweet update! I'm glad you had Callen call Hetty, cause had I been writing that, I'm pretty sure I would've forgotten...

Great job, I loved it! :D
11/2/2010 c24 31TwilightPony21
Wow, two chapters to catch up on! I'm really glad that Callen has said no more running, time to fight. Seems like his team has spent a whole lot of time in the car - and now they're all the way in DC! I hope both NCIS teams can meet up and help Annabel's team take down the bad guys now - that would be great! I liked these lines a lot:

"Hetty adores you," Annabel replied with a roll of her eyes. "I'm sure there are times when she thinks you can do no wrong." "You don't know Hetty then," Callen said with a smile. - Ha ha, Hetty is great!

"Some bodyguard I turned out to be," she replied. Nothing she had done had kept him safe. Just seemed to push him into more and more danger. "I'm alive and I'm not in a hospital." - Callen brings up a good point here.

Looking forward to the next chapter - I'm thinking maybe Gibbs is awake building his boat! :D
11/2/2010 c24 montydam
Great chapter! So many things...Loved Callen's reaction to finding out Grey is Annabel's brother. Glad to see they escaped the clutches of the "bad guys". Glad to see that they made it to Gibb's house. But what lies inside? Will it simply be Gibbs? Or will the team be there too? Or will something of happened to Kensi or the team when they tried to leave their apartment? How were they able to track Callen and Annabel? And did they only track them or did they track the others as well?

Hope you update soon! Great job once again!
11/2/2010 c24 bookworm002
Loved Callen's reaction to finding out Grey was her brother! Well done! I think you did a pretty good job on the fight scenes as well. Again I say, how in the world did they track them this time? I know you said it would be answered in coming chapters so I'll just try to be patient. So big reunion coming up? Can't wait...
11/2/2010 c24 23MissShellyBabes

they kissed! *Squee*

Hope you update again soon.

xxx Shelly
11/2/2010 c24 4EmmyMK
More trouble? They just can't catch a break, can they? At least they came out of that fight mostly ok.

Callen and Bell! I'm glad for them!

So, they went to Gibbs...can't wait to see what happens now!
11/2/2010 c24 aussietrueblue
That was great Nat. I'm glad that he how knows that Grey's not her boyfriend...

Stalk you later...

11/1/2010 c23 aussietrueblue
Nat, Nat, Nat.

How could you leave us like that...

Your a meanie...

Come back ...

Stalk you later...

11/1/2010 c23 crazygal
A really excellent story so far with many twists. Please don't leave me on the edge of my seat for too long - as it gets rather uncomfortable - with this cliff hanger.
11/1/2010 c23 always.theheartbeat
Ok, just sayin - I was totally thinking "wow, they've been kinda lucky, no one's actually got close enough to drag off Callen/Kensi yet" and then...that ending made my statement backfire on me.

So anyway! Awesome job. Ah I can't wait for more - I wanna know who's kickin' in their door! For all I know, it could be Sam sayin 'They got Kensi' or somethin. Or some crazy person who wants Callen. *shrugs* great job!
11/1/2010 c23 23MissShellyBabes

How-how DARE you stop there! :P

Hope you update real soon.

xxx Shelly
10/31/2010 c23 bookworm002
Oooh a cliff hanger! Just when Callen was about to find out about Grey`s relationship to Bel... that`s cruel. And who in the world is kicking in the door? Bad guys? I can't see good guys kicking in the door rather than knocking. But how in the world did they find them so fast? Which brings me to some revelations I've had that are related more to the last chapter... Grey and Annabel have been working with Sasha for years, and with Mitch even longer. Coincidence or has this plan to capture Callen been in the works for years? Mitch and Sasha recently turned bad guy/girl or have they been planted all along? If so then this thing is bigger than I first thought. How would anyone know that Hetty would go to M16, specifically Annabel, for help in protecting Callen that many years later? Really got me thinking here...

Great chapter! Please don't leave us hanging too long!
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