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8/24/2012 c3 jfdkalhfjdsbbe
Only three chapters in and I love Annabel. She's quite the character and she holds my interest. The story is setting up to be one hell of a ride. Callen being worried about her driving had me laughing, brilliant!
5/23/2012 c77 pctronics
Excellent story. I thoroughly enojoyed it. I would love to see you do a sequel to this story with the same characters, but a few years down the line or something of that sort.
3/29/2012 c77 6Gabi2305
Perfect ending. It took me a long while to read the whole story but I enjoyed every single chapter. I admire you for being able to put such a complicated plot together and the logic was flawless the whole time. You had everything covered and that's not easy with such a long story. I would have loved to have a bit more h/c on Callen's side, though. It was always Annabel who was injured and as much as I loved G taking care of her I would rather have it the other way around.

Thanks a lot for taking the time and effort to write this story and sharing it with us.

3/28/2012 c60 Gabi2305
So this can be considered as the ending? Then it's a very good ending to an awesome story. I'm deeply impressed by the plot you figured out. This story is a master piece of work.

I'm still not the romantic story type, but I can't let it go. I'm way too curious to see the interaction between Callen and his family. And to learn more about Kensi's relationship with Marcus which I'm pretty sure will develop. So I'm definitely going to read on.
3/27/2012 c56 Gabi2305
Yes, it actually was a very long chapter to read. But I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was expecting that the first thing Callen would ask his mother would be about his name, I thought that would be more important to him than all the other things. But there I was wrong. Doesn't matter, though. You had a few very good ideas to explain Rebecca's actions. And you solved the name problem in a very interesting way, lol. But I like it. I was afraid you'd give him some boring name, but I should have known that you wouldn't do that.

I loved Callen's childhood memory with the hose. That was cute.
3/27/2012 c54 Gabi2305
To bring Renko into the picture was a great move. I never expected that one, lol. I was thinking the whole time it would be perfect for Sam and the rest of the team to break through the door just now. I'm glad they are all safe now.

Still, I'm a bit confused. Peter is dead now. And there are still 23 chapters left. Callen and his family have a lot of catching up to do but that's not enough to fill such a lot of chapters. Guess I have to read on to find out, lol.
3/27/2012 c51 Gabi2305
Yeah, Hetty got tricked. Nice twist. So Callen's mother had been watching over her son all the time. He will be happy to find out that she never has abandond him at all. But I wonder why she broke contact to him while she apparently didn't with her daughter and granddaughter.

So they now at least have a name. Is Peter the one who has Callen, Grace and Annabel right now? That could be an interesting confrontation. I'm looking forward to some action before the team is going to find and rescue them.
3/27/2012 c48 Gabi2305
So Callen found his family eventually. I think I like Grace. I just find myself wondering if I missed something. Do they know who Grace's father is? None of them seemed to be the least interested to learn who this man was and why he trief to kill Mary. I was thinking that instead of the banter which I liked a lot, please don't get me wrong, they would ask Grace a few questions about her father. I also wonder why she did know so well where to find him. But maybe the next chapters will spread some light on these questions. I'm looking forward to see Callen interact with his family. Grace didn't seem to be surprised to have an uncle, so she clearly knows something. Maybe even his name...
2/13/2012 c38 Gabi2305
It's been a while since I reviewed but I still enjoy your story a lot. I'm still not so much into romance in fanfiction, but you write your characters so well and believable that it's a joy to read. I loved the action and the way the plot unfolds, but the "thing" between Callen and Bel is a nice reprieve. And Kensi got a date, too? I wonder whom she could have met in this short amout of time. Maybe Marcus? I like him and he's an interesting character. But I'll see.
11/8/2011 c26 Gabi2305
Nice trick with the magazines, I liked it a lot. Although I have to admit the dart ruined it a bit for me, because another hint wasn't necessary to tell the team that Callen and Annabel were there. Plus, I don't think the abducters would have been so careless as to leave such evidence behind. They knew they had to retrieve two darts and I guess they would have searched for them.

But that's only nitpicking. Still enjoying the story a lot.
10/27/2011 c24 Gabi2305
I keep thinking that this time it wasn't because of Annabel that they found them. Maybe they can track Callen somehow. Is it possible that Callen has a tracking chip or something like that implanted? If he's so important to someone maybe he was implanted when he was a child to be able to always know about his whereabouts?

I liked the different POV's during the fight. Very well written scenes.
10/6/2011 c22 Gabi2305
Wow! Talk about unexpected turns. Sasha being one of the bad guys came as a shock. Now I know why you didn't take the effort to let her grow on the readers.

So Hetty was placed to protect Callen? I wonder whether this could be true on the show as well. Would explain at least why Hetty never told Callen about his past.

This plot would make for an excellent NCIS: Los Angeles movie, you know that? No kidding.

On a side note, with the latest episode in mind I had to smile when Callen thought Kensi to be their best driver. I hope he won't get car sick, lol.

And by the way, in the last line of the chapter I guess you meant the cavalry. Calvary is something slightly different, and I doubt you can call it in. LOL.
9/27/2011 c19 Gabi2305
Wow! Interesting facts about Callen's father. I'm curious if he's still alive in your story. Maybe he and Callen will even meet. That would be intriguing.

You know that I'm not so much the romance story type, but I like Callen and Annabel. It's funny that Callen still doesn't know that Grey is her brother. I almost cried when I read about her daughter. That was a very intense scene.

The only nitpick I have is that Sasha's characterization is still a bit lame. I know the focus is on Callen and Annabel (which is very okay with me, of course) but to me it seems that she always stays back and doesn't even talk.
9/18/2011 c77 3OcChronicler
GAH! I think I officially hate you in a good and jealous way! you churn out excellent Callen/Oc stories like a machine and I love/hate you for it... Love it cuz I have something awesome to read that makes me smile and sceam "YES!"... hate you cuz I want some of that talent haha :)
9/12/2011 c11 6Gabi2305
I managed another 3 chapters, :)

So Abby and Gibbs work with Eric on who compromised the team with McGee still not off the hook while Vance ordered McGee to find them without telling his team mates? That's an interesting combination. I assume that somewhere down the road Callen's team will be in dire need of help and then McGee will know where to find them. Maybe I'm wrong, it's pure speculation. But I know that McGee is not involved in compromising them and I hope that Abby will be able to prove this very soon.

I was glad that Adrian wasn't a traitor. We didn't get to know him much but I can't stand the thought that Annabel and her team were betrayed by a friend.
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