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5/8/2011 c76 4EmmyMK
awww...I love babies. so glad he's perfectly healthy and everyone loves him. I like how you wrote the fears into annabel and grey. it's really perfext, considering everything
5/8/2011 c76 always.theheartbeat
Awww! I can just picture him - and he's cute. In that wrinkly, squinty eyed way that most babies are. But, that's okay.

Awesome chapter! Really. I like that you had her freaking out, cause honestly I was wondering when she would. And I was totally expecting the baby to be a girl, but I'm glad he wasn't, cause I think it'd be a little much for Annabel.

Way to go! One chapter left? And I was very surprised to see we're on chapter 76, lemme tell yah. Thought we were back at like...60, or something.

Well, anyhow. Amazing job!
5/8/2011 c75 always.theheartbeat
I could've sworn I reviewed this one.

But apparently not, so here goes!

First off, I'm glad he DID tell her. It's good he didn't decide to wait or just keep it to himself - I don't see him as that type of guy, but, people are deceptive. As Louise certainly shows.

And I'm glad they talked things out in general! I'll say it again, I like these two together.

And oooh! I'm excited for the baby. :D
5/8/2011 c76 472Angel N Darkness
you did a great job on this chapter... love it... update soon...
5/2/2011 c75 Angel N Darkness
woooohoooo kensi finally said yes! you did a great job on this chapter... love it... update soon...
5/1/2011 c75 3alix33
That Louise sounds like an utter slimeball.

"They are two head-strong determined people who don't always agree." - "headstrong" is one word.

"A princess cut diamond" - Seeing as how my baby sister is the one with the diamond knowledge in our family I had to stop reading this fic chapter momentarily to Google what that looked like.

"I, Marcus Evans, do promise to help you and fight for you. I love you Kensi Blye and I promise to marry you, when you are ready." Kensi's eyes blurred with tears at his promise and the emotion in it. "I Kensi Blye, promise to help you and fight for you," she repeated. "I love you Marcus Evans, though I cannot promise that loving me won't be difficult and a times downright irritating. I cannot promise that I won't drive you up the wall and maybe even make you regret that you love me. But I can promise that right here and right now, I want this, I want you and I want to be with you for as long as I have left." - Gosh! Those are practically wedding vows already.
5/1/2011 c75 4EmmyMK
What a touching reconciliation! So glad they've worked everything out. Looking forward to meeting the bump
4/30/2011 c74 always.theheartbeat
Oh! Baby coming? Exciting! Annabel must be very very tough to sit through all that. Well, I already knew she was strong, but still.

Good talking from Callen, too! I can tell yah, he and Kensi were totally in character - even with his new lifestyle and everything, and her different take on a 'love life'. And I like how you had Annabel give Kensi a little prep talk too. Cause most people in this situation probably would NOT have done anything like these guys have done. They're different, and in a totally amazing way.

Great chapter! I'm excited for their baby. And hoping everything works out for them, cause they totally deserve it. :D
4/30/2011 c74 31TwilightPony21
"What if it doesn't work out? Not like I've got a lot of examples of knowing how to make a marriage work." Neither did he but he was managing.

Aw, I liked that line - Callen giving relationship advice to Kensi - wow!

All that relationship wisdom now that he is about to become a father. :) Can't wait to read how you write that part!

(But won't Kensi and Marcus want to be there, too? Along with everybody else?)
4/27/2011 c74 7sorree
No need to wonder about the downpour of reviews if you keep writing those cute scenes like Callen freaking out at Annabel's announce ;) Keep writing I'll keep reeading for sure...
4/27/2011 c74 3alix33
"She returned the hug, being careful not to squash the bump that they all cared so much about." - I am sure the bump will kick or shove a little fist or something if the squashing gets too much for it, won't it? (I know nothing about pregnancy, so that would be my singularly uneducated guess.)

"Annabel cupped his cheek and smiled at him. "Stop worrying and be happy. We're about to meet the bump." Callen couldn't help the grin or the excitement that started to grow enough to push the nervousness to the background. "Yeah. We are." - AW!
4/27/2011 c74 472Angel N Darkness
awwwwwww... you did a great job on this chapter... i loved the conversation between Kensi and G and then i loved what Annabel said to Kensi... cant wait to see what happens next... love the whole chapter... update soon...
4/27/2011 c74 4EmmyMK
G and Annabel Callen, amateur counselors. very well done! i also just realized the;ve been calling the baby ;the bump'; why? looking forward to meeting the baby
4/27/2011 c74 lsaeire
Wow! Looking forward to where this lis going
4/27/2011 c74 vertigirl
owww it's time for baby callen to come into the world :D
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